Product Management workplace training for your team

Accelerate your business growth with workplace Product Management training for your team. Brainmates have been coaching and training in Product Management since 2004, working closely with thousands of Product Managers from a variety of industries and organisations, both in Australia and overseas.

Product Management training for key functional groups in your business will accelerate your progress while minimising the risk and expense of relying on a single Product Manager to do all the heavy lifting.

Product Managers are increasingly in demand – they are the highest salary position in technology across Australia and the US, according to Hired’s 2017 Salary Report.

Embedding Product Management thinking and methodologies ensures your organisation takes a customer-centric approach, develops design thinking, and reduces inefficiencies and silo thinking with agile methodology and scrum project management.


what is product fit
Are you equipped to boost your Product People?

Your Product Team Will...

  • Build your team’s core Product Management competencies, sharing the same language and concepts to heighten efficiently at getting better products to market, quicker
  • Bolster the success of your products and minimise failures by developing design thinking within your organisation, so that your team can better understand customers, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions
  • Learn how to best leverage your team’s strengths to boost productivity, improve outcomes and minimise stress and inefficiencies
  • Draw on the latest research and techniques to bolster daily productivity through developing daily habits to monitor
  • Have a highly experienced team of Brainmates Product Managers on tap, when and if you need further support.
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What do you get with
Product Fit?

Each year you receive:

  • A Product Fit Learning Improvement Plan for the year.
  • A package of formal face-to-face Brainmates training.
  • Two hours of Individual Coaching from a Brainmates expert for each nominated person.
  • An Individual Capability Assessment report for each nominated person.
  • A Team Capability Assessment report for each team*.
  • A quarterly Product Leader Progress Review.

*Minimum team size is 3 people. You can have more than one team included in your program.

what is product fit
Create products and services that customers love

for your


Delivering products that solve valuable customer problems.


Streamlined delivery of products to market.


Better engagement and motivation for your Product People.

How Does Product Fit Work?

Product Fit is an annual package of formal training plus individual coaching from Brainmates Product Management experts.

It starts with an assessment of the Product Management competencies of your Product People.

Then we design a learning and improvement programme driven by your teams’ capabilities.

Contact Brainmates to chat about who in your team would benefit from the Product Fit program.

How big is your squad?

The number of people you decide to include in the Product Fit program determines how much you pay annually, and the number of training days you receive:

Squad size
Formal Training Days*

Small Program

Up to 8
2 Coaching days

Medium Program

Up to 16
4 Coaching days

Large Program

6 Coaching days

*A Training Day is 8 hours.

Your Capability Assessments

We start the Product Fit program with a Capability Assessment of each Product Fit participant.

Brainmates’ Capability Assessments provide you with insight into the current strengths of your team and an actionable set of recommendations for growth, all grounded in a solid Product Management Competency Framework.

Your Learning Improvement Plan

Brainmates consults with you throughout the process of designing your Learning Improvement Plan.

Your Product Fit Learning Improvement Plan will:

  • Be based upon the results of our Capability Assessment of your Product People.
  • Include our recommendations for your Individual Coaching sessions for the year.
  • Include an agreed set of topics for your formal face-to-face training.


UX for Product Managers
Practical Agile for Product Managers
Product Marketing
Generating and Testing a Lean Canvas


Defining Minimum Viable Product
Getting to Product Market Fit
Financial Fundamentals
Stakeholder Management
Roadmapping and Prioritisation
Developing a Product Strategy
Customer Interviewing Techniques and Insights


Negotiation & Influencing Techniques
Problem Solving
Scaling Product Teams
Product Leadership
Product Lifecycle Management

Individual Coaching

Each hour long individual coaching session will be with an experienced Brainmates Product Manager.

Coaching is based on the Fuel model (Frame the conversation, Understand the current state, Explore the desired state, Lay out a success plan).

Extra features for large squads

If you have more than 16 Product People then there are extra benefits to using Brainmates' Product Fit Program.

You receive a customised half-day workshop for the whole squad (1 x 4 hour session).

Plus, you will receive a customised Product Management Framework, where we take Brainmates' Product Management Framework and adapt it to align more closely with your organisation’s processes.


What if we want more training?

Brainmates can provide you with Private Team Training for groups of six or more.

Alternatively, Brainmates offers a range of public training courses throughout the year. We suggest you refer to our calendar of public courses.

What if I just need a Capability Assessment of my Product Team?

Brainmates is happy to offer our Capability Assessment Reports to Product leaders who aren’t subscribed to our Product Fit program.

What if we want more individual coaching?

Brainmates’ can provide you with extra packages of Individual Coaching sessions - or Group Coaching sessions - based upon your needs.

Contact Brainmates to chat about what coaching options are available.

What if I have less than 3 people in my squad?

Brainmates offers a range of public training courses throughout the year. We suggest you refer to our calendar of public courses.


your customers

We train teams in
groups of six or more.


Range of topics
and learning outcomes.


Work on current
business challenges.