The Future of Product Management: Product Leaders Share Their Thoughts


As the world reopens, many wonder what is in store for the future of Product Management.

Joining Brainmates Asks this week we have four heavy weights in the industry:

  • Jason Prowd, Director of Product Management at Morningstar

  • Nick Coster, Co-Founder and Head of Training at Brainmates

  • Amanda Ralph, Principal – Retirement Products at Australian Super

  • Kent Weathers, Chief Product Officer at Brainmates.

All these amazing Product folks have been in the industry for 25 plus years and are here to share their thoughts on what the future holds… spoiler alert, standardisation is a big one!

Don’t have time to watch the whole video?

We’ve rounded up some of the best quotes below:

“Now we’re seeing this idea of product lead change really taking effect. And some of your biggest brands in the world like your amazons and your googles really have a product first or product-led approach.” – Nick Coster

“What you will see over the next few years is the continuation of codifying Product practices.” – Jason Prowd.

“Product management as discipline can still be quite Eurocentric and quite male-dominated….we need to be smarter than that. We need to be thinking more laterally.” – Amanda Ralph

“We’re starting to coalesce around an understanding that we need to standardise.” – Kent Weathers

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