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Many organisations have a product team, but it’s often the case that not everyone in that organisation is aligned with how critical the role of modern product management is to delivering the products your customers need.

Over time, this mentality can cement itself, making it hard to change ways of working and hire good product people.

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The impact of not being Product-Led

People not performing

Product people who don’t know what they’re doing. Poor sequence decisions. Things take too long and results are low quality. Difficulty working across the organisation.

Product failure

You’ve created the wrong product. More than once. A poorly defined target market means they underperform and don’t scale as planned. Some don’t even launch at all.

Aggressive competitors

You’re not innovating fast enough to keep up with an increasing field of competitors. You are losing market share or worried you will soon.

Budget blowouts

Poor planning means more resources are required to build than expected. Things take too long to deliver. More costs are incurred because of failed products and features.

Missed revenue targets

Product is difficult to sell. It doesn’t solve the customer’s problem. Its’ value proposition is hard to communicate. The pricing is wrong. The target market is too small.

What is a Product-Led Transformation?

Becoming Product-Led looks different for every organisation, but this process isn’t as scary as you might think. Rather than choosing between opposing strategies or providing precedence to one function, being Product-Led is is about seeking a balance that aligns all parts of the organisation. A Product-Led Transformation is a commitment to balancing the needs of your customer alongside the needs of your business – and in so doing, create value for both.

The process starts with uncovering the root causes impacting product maturity, and then taking steps to bring active change across your whole organisation to deliver higher commercial outcomes faster and more consistently.

To see long-lasting changes that go beyond your product team, a Product-Led Transformation requires finding your competitive edge and then creating a unique framework that sets you apart from your competition.

After that, it’s essential to uplift your organisational and team capabilities to fill in any gaps, enable your leadership to drive the outcomes you need, and get into a position to repeat the process in the future.

We start off by getting to know your organisation

1. Review your current processes and team

Using our Product Maturity Diagnostic, we evaluate the structural issues and root causes impacting product management maturity – providing a full Diagnostic Report.

2. Identify key solution areas to work on

As every organisation’s need will be different, we provide you with a tailored plan that details what actions need to be taken and a recommended timeline for these actions.

We then co-design your Product-Led Transformation using some of these approaches:

Preparing Strategies and Roadmaps

Our solutions enable you to confidently and consistently deliver a long-term, forward-thinking product strategy and roadmap that deliver the right customer benefits and business outcomes.

Discovery and Opportunity Assessments

Learn how to reduce uncertainty and risk, make the right bets more often, and align teams with a common understanding of customer outcomes and business benefits.

Enhancing Product Practice and Operations

Implement a tailored, repeatable product management framework that is followed by all, and that enables your teams to consistently deliver products that meet and exceed their goals.

Organisational Structure and Capability Uplift

We create the right team structure for your context, and enable you to uplift your capability to consistently deliver business outcomes through an organised, skilled and happy product team.

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The Outcomes You Want

By working across multiple areas to develop product maturity, your organisation can deliver higher commercial outcomes faster and more consistently.

The outcomes of a Product-Led Transformation include:

  • An effective product team driving product, business & customer outcomes
  • A consistent & documented framework for delivering strategic value
  • Enhanced business partnering and developing product influence

Unlocking the Power of Product-Led

Research has shown the costs of product failure and the benefits that flow to organisations that invest in becoming Product-Led. With 40% of new products failing, the cost of product failure is estimated at over $1 trillion per year.

However, companies that become Product-Led have 2x enterprise value, a 1.8x growth rate and a 1.5x revenue multiple.

A Product-Led organisation seeks to minimise the risk of product failure and maximise the value that its products create.

But being Product-Led does not mean all decisions are made within the product team, and this is not a grab for power by frustrated product managers. It means that all parts of the business transform how they think and perform to enable the business to put modern product management practices at the core of how they drive value, not only with product teams but across all business functions.

It starts with the balance between customer and organisational value, but that is not where the balancing act ends​. In every area of product management, there are competing pressures that must be balanced​. If we fail to find that balance, we risk getting trapped in cycles of failure that destroy our effectiveness.

However, traditional ways of solving problems can force us out of balance.

Unbalanced solutions lead to unintended consequences, as important areas are neglected. When looking for the root cause of any problem, the best place to look is usually the last solution you tried – that way you can avoid making the same mistakes and break the cycle of failure​.

Product-Led organisations strike a balance between creating value for customers and value for the organisation.

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We have been partnering with Brainmates for the last year to accelerate our product maturity, which has helped uplift our product team practice and our cross-functional effectiveness.

Brainmates have become trusted advisors to our leadership team.

Erica Wass VP Product, Secure Code Warrior

Core to realising Standards Australia’s ambitious strategic objectives, is the ability to design and deliver better and more innovative products and services, to our stakeholders and customers.

In support of this ambition, Standards Australia engaged Brainmates to undertake a Product Maturity assessment, and subsequently to work with us in establishing a Product Centre of Excellence.

Brainmates’ extensive product expertise, coupled with their ability to structure a CoE growth agenda and to coach our product team, has set us well on the way towards building this capability.

Andrew Whelan IT Delivery Manager, Standards Australia

Woolworths has been partnering with Brainmates for a few years to help build product capability and product standards.

They helped us build our product capability matrix and career ladder and therefore understand the needs we have in our business but also understand the challenges in market to find top product talent.

They also have great talent in their business to help build out a program such as this and were very excited to partner with us on a program that is customised to Woolworths.

Petra Gross
GM Digital Products, WooliesX

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