Product Opportunity Assessment

Equip your team with the skills to evaluate product opportunities and produce business cases, so you have confidence that your organisation are working on the most valuable product initiatives.

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Is your organisation working on the most valuable product initiatives?

Learn the skills and techniques you need to develop excellent Product Opportunity Assessments and Business Cases.

You have to be in it to win it! – many product managers and business professionals are not confident to develop a product opportunity assessment or business case. And yet, their organisation usually requires them to do just that to get funding for a new product initiative, or even a new capability on an existing product. Many product managers simply don’t know how to construct a case for a new product initiative, and so they miss out on the chance to develop awesome new products and to improve existing ones.

On this comprehensive 1-day training course, your team will learn how to assess the value of a product idea from both a market and a business perspective. Using the Brainmates Opportunity Canvas, they will also learn how to structure that assessment as a Product Opportunity Assessment or Business Case. They will learn the importance of selling their opportunity assessment, and how to do that through storytelling and knowing their audience.

Your team will learn the key aspects of a Product Opportunity Assessment, and a process and techniques to develop all those aspects.

Through engaging presentations from a Brainmates product management expert, and practical exercises throughout the course, your team will come away from this training course confident that they can make good decisions about new product initiatives, and tell a compelling story about their product opportunity assessment to stakeholders and senior managers.


Learning Outcomes

  • Complete market opportunity assessments to identify and measure target markets
  • Assess customer demand and desirability through research practices and interviewing
  • Assess commercial benefits to identify and quantify value models for business outcomes
  • Communicate product opportunities convincingly to business stakeholders through storytelling

Topics Covered

Brainmates Opportunity Canvas

Part 1

Understanding the Idea

  • Problem vs Solution
  • Idea Pad

Part 2

Market Validation

  • Market Segmentation
  • Target Market Sizing
  • Customer Interviewing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Environmental Review
  • Market Opportunity Pitch

Part 3

Business Opportunity Analysis

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Solution Concept
  • Value Model
  • Benefit and Cost Estimation
  • Value Driver Trees
  • Risk Evaluation

Part 4

Iterating your Product Opportunity Assessment

  • Refinement after Design

Part 5

Selling Your Product Opportunity

  • Storytelling: the structure of a good product story
  • Know your audience: adapting your story

Benefits for your organisation

Confidence in your Product Investment

With the whole product team equipped with the skills to make good assessments of product opportunities, the organisation can be more confident that they are working on the most valuable product initiatives.

Senior leadership in the organisation will have more trust in the product team, who confidently present compelling product opportunities to them and demonstrate good business acumen and financial sense.

Improved, Faster Product Discovery

Your organisation cannot afford to have new product assessment and discovery taking many months or quarters. On this course your team will learn a systematic, repeatable approach to quickly (in a matter of weeks) conduct product opportunity assessments.

Increased Product Profitability

Better product opportunity assessments means better product decisions, which means higher confidence that you are producing products that your customers love and that are profitable for your organisation.

Customer Success Stories

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I recommend taking the Essentials of Product Management course anytime during your product management career. It was a great refresher and leveller for our team who all came from different backgrounds. It's given us a common language and simple framework to apply to areas of our product business.

Tim Searle

General Manager Solutions, Datacom

The Product Management course by Brainmates was terrific! As a Marketing leader it's important to have a common understanding and language between my team and our product peers. The understanding of their role and the alignment with my product marketing team and MarCom team is super valuable and will allow for better cross team alignment.

Samantha Kaaber

Global Marketing Director, Textkernel

Recently I completed the Essentials of Product Mgmt course! Being only 5 months into my role as PM, I found the course to be both validating (in terms of me actually being on the right track) and also enlightening with regards to how to really make an impact. It's all about the problem space & the solution you get will only be as good as how you present the problem. Some excellent tools to use in my day-to-day. Thanks, loved the course!

Kylie Farr

Senior Product Manager, MYOB

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As a product leader, investing in this course is a strategic move that will yield substantial returns.

By equipping your entire product team with enhanced skills in product opportunity assessment, you increase the credibility of your product managers to senior leadership, and through the better product choices your team make, you ultimately increase product profitability.

Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your team and propel your organisation towards excellence in product opportunity assessment.

  • Best for: Groups of 8-16 people who work in Product Management or adjacent roles, or who need to develop product opportunity assessments or product business cases.
  • Location: Virtual via Zoom or on-site (AU/NZ)
  • Duration: 1-Day, 9am-5pm
  • Price: Contact us for a quote
  • Dates: Select a date that suits your teams availability

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