Financial Fundamentals for Product Management

Equipping Product Managers with financial understanding in an intensive 1-Day course.

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Maximise the Financial Success of your Product

Is your Product team comfortable with effectively communicating the financial aspects of their product?

This is a comprehensive 1-day training course designed exclusively for product managers who wish to strengthen their financial acumen. Gain the skills and confidence to discuss and navigate the financial dimensions of your product with ease.

Equip yourself with the ability to read and comprehend profit and loss statements, even if you’ve previously felt uneasy or uncertain. Explore the essential components, such as revenue, direct costs, gross margin, operating costs, and EBITDA.

Learn to articulate the financial value of your product ideas and make compelling investment cases to key stakeholders.

Through practical exercises and discussions, you’ll develop the expertise to evaluate the financial health of your product and engage in meaningful conversations about its financial performance.



Learning Outcomes

  • Read and interpret profit and loss statements to assess product financial health confidently.
  • Construct robust financial models and calculate NPV for effective business investment justifications.
  • Integrate financial insights into your product management approach for enhanced commercial thinking.
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with stakeholders on product financial aspects.
  • Become a financially astute product manager, making informed investment cases for your proposals.

Topics Covered

Part 1

Product Performance in Lifecycle Management

  • The Profit and Loss Statement
  • Value Driver Tree Analysis
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Allocating Operating Expenses
  • Operating Income / EBITDA
  • Understanding the financial health of a Product

Part 2

Planning Product Investments

  • Requesting Investment
  • Present Value vs Future Value
  • Understanding the Discount Rate
  • Using NPV to Evaluate an Investment
  • Investment Decisions
  • CASE STUDY: Practice Exercise

Benefits for your organisation

Improved Financial Decision-Making

With the entire product team equipped with financial acumen, the organization can expect more informed and strategic financial decision-making processes.

Each team member will have a deeper understanding of profit and loss statements, financial models, and investment justifications, leading to better-informed product-related financial decisions.

Collaboration and Alignment

When the entire product team shares a common understanding of financial concepts and language, collaboration and alignment within the team improve.

Team members can effectively communicate and discuss financial aspects, fostering a shared vision and enabling smoother coordination in developing and executing product strategies.

Increased Product Profitability

By empowering the product team with financial insights, the organization can expect improved product profitability.

The team will be better equipped to evaluate the financial health of products, identify areas for cost optimization or revenue growth, and make data-driven decisions to drive higher profitability. This can lead to a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line and financial performance.

Customer Success Stories

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I recommend taking the Essentials of Product Management course anytime during your product management career. It was a great refresher and leveller for our team who all came from different backgrounds. It's given us a common language and simple framework to apply to areas of our product business.

Tim Searle

General Manager Solutions, Datacom

The Product Management course by Brainmates was terrific! As a Marketing leader it's important to have a common understanding and language between my team and our product peers. The understanding of their role and the alignment with my product marketing team and MarCom team is super valuable and will allow for better cross team alignment.

Samantha Kaaber

Global Marketing Director, Textkernel

Recently I completed the Essentials of Product Mgmt course! Being only 5 months into my role as PM, I found the course to be both validating (in terms of me actually being on the right track) and also enlightening with regards to how to really make an impact. It's all about the problem space & the solution you get will only be as good as how you present the problem. Some excellent tools to use in my day-to-day. Thanks, loved the course!

Kylie Farr

Senior Product Manager, MYOB

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As a product leader, investing in this course is a strategic move that will yield substantial returns. 

By equipping your entire product team with enhanced financial acumen, you can drive better financial decision-making, foster collaboration and alignment, and ultimately increase product profitability. 

With this comprehensive 1-day training, your team will gain the necessary skills and confidence to navigate the financial dimensions of product management, enabling them to make informed investment cases and drive the success of your products. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your team and propel your organization towards financial excellence in product management.

  • Best for: Groups of 8-16 people who work in Product Management or adjacent roles. 
  • Location: Virtual via Zoom or on-site (AU/NZ)
  • Duration: 1-Day, 9am-5pm
  • Price: Contact us for a quote
  • Dates: Select a date that suits your teams availability 

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