Essentials of Product Management

An intensive 3-day live training program designed for the individuals and teams in your organisation.
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Essentials of Product Management
is our flagship course

We’ve delivered it to thousands of
Product Managers for over 19 years.

A foundational part of our Product-Led Program to align your team with effective product-led practices – establishing the common language, thinking and behaviours required.

This course teaches how to embed modern product management practices through a repeatable process and framework for product development and lifecycle management to create real customer value.

Essentials of Product Management is the starting point for organisations who want a higher return on their product investment.

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Learning Outcomes

  • A clear, structured thought-process from ideation through to product launch planning
  • Clarity of the function of product management roles & responsibilities – who should do what
  • A common language, tooling, and process
  • A cost-effective and efficient way to run a discovery process that quickley prioiritises and validates ideas to uncover the most worthwhile to explore further
  • Knowing how to uncover valuable customer problems that deliver the highest business value

Topics Covered

Day 1

  • The Value of Product Thinking
  • What is Product Management?
  • Product Thinking
  • Brainmates Product Framework
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Strategy & Roadmaps

Day 2

  • Managing Ideation
  • Market Segmentation
  • Problem Validation
  • Opportunity Assessments
  • Investment Planning

Day 3

  • Design Thinking
  • Persona Development
  • Customer Research Methods
  • Sharing the Customer Story
  • Communicating Product Value
  • Solution Design / Prototyping
  • Product Launch

Benefits for your organisation

Common language

Attending the Essentials of Product Management Course provides product teams with a shared language and taxonomy.

This helps to reduce ambiguity, enabling smoother collaboration and driving better outcomes for the organization. By having a common language and approach, product teams are able to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.

Increased efficiency

Participants of the Essentials of Product Management course learn how to justify investments into good ideas and to avoid unnecessary distractions by eliminating ideas that will not result in benefits for the customer and business.

By considering the big picture and the potential costs associated with poor decisions, product management can achieve greater efficiency gains.

Higher confidence

Taking this course and applying its teachings will give business leadership greater assurance that the product management practice is adding genuine value to the business and its customers.

This in turn allows for more autonomy and empowerment of the product team, enabling them to concentrate on having the greatest possible impact on the company’s objectives.

Customer Success Stories

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I recommend taking the Essentials of Product Management course anytime during your product management career. It was a great refresher and leveller for our team who all came from different backgrounds. It's given us a common language and simple framework to apply to areas of our product business.

Tim Searle

General Manager Solutions, Datacom

The Product Management course by Brainmates was terrific! As a Marketing leader it's important to have a common understanding and language between my team and our product peers. The understanding of their role and the alignment with my product marketing team and MarCom team is super valuable and will allow for better cross team alignment.

Samantha Kaaber

Global Marketing Director, Textkernel

Recently I completed the Essentials of Product Mgmt course! Being only 5 months into my role as PM, I found the course to be both validating (in terms of me actually being on the right track) and also enlightening with regards to how to really make an impact. It's all about the problem space & the solution you get will only be as good as how you present the problem. Some excellent tools to use in my day-to-day. Thanks, loved the course!

Kylie Farr

Senior Product Manager, MYOB

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Public Training

These sessions are shared with small groups from other organisations, so you can compare different approaches to product challenges and share your learning.

The “hands-on” component is centered on fictional organisations and problems.

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These sessions are exclusive to your organisation, so we consult with you beforehand so that you finish with real-world tangible artefacts to use straight away.

The “hands-on” component uses your own products and problems.

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  • Location: Virtual via Zoom or on-site (AU/NZ)
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