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Equip your team with the specialist skills to interview customers and generate insights that will help build products that both meet your customers’ needs and maximise your investments.

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Do your customers really love your products? Are you solving your customers' most valuable problems?

Skillful customer interviewing and analysis is crucial to understanding your customers and designing products that your customers will love.

And yet, many product managers are failing to achieve these outcomes due to insufficient skills – both in interview technique and feedback evaluation.

With this comprehensive 1-day training course, your team will learn a systematic, repeatable approach for planning and conducting effective customer research.

Your team will learn the importance of having clear research objectives and a well-prepared research plan. They will understand how to recruit interview candidates effectively and efficiently. They will learn techniques, tips and tricks for conducting insightful customer interviews that impact business effectiveness, while also providing a positive and rewarding experience for your customers.

Creating business-relevant insights from customer interviews is a specialist skill – without which it’s easy for your team to get lost in all the data and fail to reach useful, actionable conclusions. On this training course, your team will learn powerful techniques for generating insights from interview data, and how to have confidence that those insights are correct and unbiased. With it being vital that your whole organisation can engage with your research, your team will also learn how to structure and communicate your customer insights to your stakeholders in compelling ways.

Through engaging presentations from a Brainmates product management expert, and practical exercises throughout the course to apply your learnings, your team will come away from this training course with the skills and confidence to interview customers and reach insightful conclusions that will help your organisation design sustainable and profitable products that your customers love.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop research hypotheses and plans
  • Execute customer research interviews, from recruitment to conducting the interview
  • Create high-quality insights from qualitative data
  • Convincingly communicate research insights to business stakeholders

Topics Covered

Part 1


  • Customer Research Plan

Part 2


  • Customer Interviewing

Part 3


  • Customer Insights Generation

Part 4


  • Insights Communication

Benefits for your organisation

Confidence in your product investments

With the whole product team equipped with the skills to plan, conduct and analyse customer interviews, the organisation can be more confident that they are working on products that customers need and will love.

Increased customer satisfaction

When customers love your products, they will continue buying your products for longer and refer your products to others – reducing churn and boosting overall sales.

Increased product profitability

Better understanding of your customers and their needs, through effective customer interviewing and insights analysis, ultimately leads to better, more profitable products for your organisation.

Customer Success Stories

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I recommend taking the Essentials of Product Management course anytime during your product management career. It was a great refresher and leveller for our team who all came from different backgrounds. It's given us a common language and simple framework to apply to areas of our product business.

Tim Searle

General Manager Solutions, Datacom

The Product Management course by Brainmates was terrific! As a Marketing leader it's important to have a common understanding and language between my team and our product peers. The understanding of their role and the alignment with my product marketing team and MarCom team is super valuable and will allow for better cross team alignment.

Samantha Kaaber

Global Marketing Director, Textkernel

Recently I completed the Essentials of Product Mgmt course! Being only 5 months into my role as PM, I found the course to be both validating (in terms of me actually being on the right track) and also enlightening with regards to how to really make an impact. It's all about the problem space & the solution you get will only be as good as how you present the problem. Some excellent tools to use in my day-to-day. Thanks, loved the course!

Kylie Farr

Senior Product Manager, MYOB

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