Customer Interviewing & Insights Learning Program

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to uncover market needs and drive the next generation of product innovation.

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Customer interviewing & insights are an essential element of product development that can maximise the growth & desirability of your products in the market. While greater than 50% of product teams believe they have a shared understanding of customer needs, 75% of product teams talk to 10 or less customers a month.

How do you know you are making the right product investments?

This program will help your team to master the art of conducting effective customer interviews and transforming research findings into actionable insights that support business goals & product priorities.

Participants will walk away with a ready-to-go research plan, the knowledge to execute it to create business-relevant insights, all with the support of Brainmates expert trainers & coaches across the program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design impactful research with a hypothesis and plan
  • Execute high quality customer interviews
  • Identify actionable insights from qualitative data
  • Communicate insight with impact to drive action & results for your organisation

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  • 8-week Program
  • 5 x half day training sessions and 2 x individual coaching & feedback sessions
  • Access to the Brainmates helpdesk, training collateral and templates
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The Brainmates Research & Insights Framework

Based on a proven framework designed to ensure maximum returns from your product research & insights investments:

Program Structure and Topics Covered

The program is delivered over 8 weeks, and includes training, practice & coaching sessions as well as access to a Brainmates Helpdesk. Across the sessions, participants will be taken through the Brainmates Research & Insight framework designed based on Brainmates consulting & coaching practices to maximise investments for organisations in research & insights.

Distil Stage with Case Study (3 hrs)

Understand how to communicate insights with impact in diverse stakeholder audiences. Practice tailoring your communication style to diverse stakeholders.

8-week Program: Starting Week 1

Session 1

Introduction to the Framework (2 hrs)

Understand why customer research & insights are so important to product decisions and a simple framework to get the most out of research & insights.

Session 2

Prepare Stage with Practice (3 hrs)

Create a simple, fast, but effective research plan – learn about objectives, hypothesis, participant selection & interviewing methodologies. Practice what you have learnt by writing a research plan for your own research.

Session 3

Coaching & Feedback Session (1 hr)

Book a 1:1 session on your research plan to receive coaching & feedback.

Session 4

Collect Stage with Case Study (3 hrs)

Learn how to conduct effective customer interviews. Practice active listening & review pitfalls through an interactive real-world video case study.

Session 5

Interpret Stage with Case Study (3 hrs)

Learn the differences between data, findings & insights and how to contextualise findings in the business context to achieve impactful insights. Practice creating insights from findings with an interactive case study.

Session 6

Distil Stage with Case Study (3 hrs)

Understand how to communicate insights with impact in diverse stakeholder audiences. Practice tailoring your communication style to diverse stakeholders.

Session 7 & 8

Coaching & Feedback Session & Access to the Brainmates Helpdesk (1 hr)

Book a 1:1 session to get advice on your insight’s communication style and wrap up any personalised feedback.

Access the Brainmates Helpdesk

Ask questions & get advice on your research & insights from Brainmates experts via our help channel in between sessions when you need it.

8-week Program: Ending Week 8

Benefits for your organisation

Confidence in your product investments

With the whole product team equipped with the skills to plan, conduct and analyse customer interviews, the organisation can be more confident that they are working on products that customers need and will love.

Increased customer satisfaction

When customers love your products, they will continue buying your products for longer and refer your products to others – reducing churn and boosting overall sales.

Increased product profitability

Better understanding of your customers and their needs, through effective customer interviewing and insights analysis, ultimately leads to better, more profitable products for your organisation.

Customer Success Stories

Leadership is a journey, not a title. In order to lead people - to inspire, motivate, and align people for effective product development one has to, well, work with complex and diverse people. Brainmates' Accelerating Into Product Leadership (AIPL) focuses on exactly that. The AIPL course has been invaluable for me in growing my skills, and even as it was going I used the tools I learnt and felt the improvement. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who leads people in a capacity that contributes to building products - whether product, technology, or design.

Assaph Mehr

General Manager - Product & Technology, Castlepoint Systems

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Training Options:

  • Private Team Training: Get your own dedicated trainer at a time that suits you and your team.

Private Training

These sessions are exclusive to your organisation, so we consult with you beforehand so that you finish with real-world tangible artefacts to use straight away. The “hands-on” component uses your own products and problems.

  • Best for: Groups of 8-16 people who work in product management, product design and adjacent roles.
  • Location: Virtual via Zoom or on-site (AU/NZ)
  • Price: Contact us for a quote
  • Dates: Select a date that suits your teams availability

*Pricing is per course

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