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Why you should learn with Brainmates

We are Australia and New Zealand’s most-trusted product management training provider, with thousands of alumni and a training portfolio that covers foundational courses, specialisations and product leadership education.

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations upskill their teams and build strong product practices, and we know how to set you up for success.

We believe that professional development is more than just a stepping-stone on your journey – it’s an ongoing process that empowers individuals and teams to do their best work and opens the door to innovation.

In the short run, your organisation’s product quality and performance will improve; in the long run, you’ll establish a basis for performance management and retain your talent.

Our World-Class Courses

Being a professional at anything means constantly seeking improvement. Becoming a product professional is no different.

Our training courses have been developed by experienced product professionals who are constantly putting theory into practice. We’ve distilled world-best product practices into easy-to-follow frameworks that have been field-tested and iterated upon.

We’ve adapted our course formats to fit both in-person and online classroom environments, in a live and interactive setting where you will participate with other product professionals dealing with similar challenges.

All of our courses are facilitated by a dedicated trainer using practical activities to put your learning into real-world contexts and practices.

Which course is right for you?

Brainmates training courses are designed to cover the spectrum of experience found in product professionals – whether you’re an individual or part of a larger product team.

Our Foundational courses are ideal for those new to the product arena, those who wish to refresh their skills, and for teams who want to get on the same page.

Our Advanced courses cater for professionals with more experience or who work in a leadership role, while our Skills Uplift courses are targeted to develop specific areas through intensive focus.

3-Day Course

Align your team with effective product-led practices – establishing the common language, thinking and behaviours required to achieve a higher return on your product investment – and embed modern product management practices.

6-Week Course;
Half A Day Per Week

Gives product leaders and emerging leaders a thorough understanding of best leadership practices in product-led organisations, and develops the skills required to deliver on the business outcomes that product-led practices promise.

Training is, quite simply, one of the highest-leverage activities a manager can perform.
Andrew S. Grove
Author of ‘High Output Management’

1-Day Course

Develop a robust and repeatable process for assessing product opportunities and communicating recommendations to business leaders. Ideal for teams developing product investment cases and opportunity canvases.

1-Day Course

Understand how to choose the right financial investments in product development from a business-leader perspective, develop your investment cases, and become confident in speaking the language of financials.

1-Day Course

Derive better qualitative insights from your customer interactions through developing an effective process for customer research as part of continuous discovery, generating actionable insights that improve your business outcomes.

Find the right fit

Individuals or small groups will be best served by our
Public Training sessions, while larger product teams
will benefit from tailored Private Training sessions.
Public Training

These sessions are shared with small groups from other organisations, so you can compare different approaches to product challenges and share your learning. The “hands-on” component is centered on fictional organisations and problems.

Private Training

These sessions are exclusive to your organisation, with a dedicated trainer who will consult with you beforehand so that you finish with real-world tangible artefacts to use straight away. The “hands-on” component uses your own products and problems.

Our trainers

Ian Daniel

Ian has a wealth of experience in leadership, training and communication roles in product management, product delivery and technical support.

Nick Coster

Nick has over 20 years of experience as a product management practitioner, and has been teaching other product professionals since 2007.

Phil Laufenberg

Phil has trained and coached product managers, product leaders & business executives in order to improve product practices in high-growth organisations.

Customer Success Stories

Leadership is a journey, not a title. In order to lead people - to inspire, motivate, and align people for effective product development one has to, well, work with complex and diverse people. Brainmates' Accelerating Into Product Leadership (AIPL) focuses on exactly that. The AIPL course has been invaluable for me in growing my skills, and even as it was going I used the tools I learnt and felt the improvement. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who leads people in a capacity that contributes to building products - whether product, technology, or design.

Assaph Mehr

General Manager - Product & Technology, Castlepoint Systems

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