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This product marketing training course will help participants position their products and increase the awareness of the value of their products in the right markets. In addition, participants will master how to effectively position the discipline of Product Marketing in the organisation by binding priorities to the organisation's business objectives. Be armed with a go-to-market framework that drives high performance in the market. Specific emphasis will be placed on forming compelling value propositions for well-defined markets and buyer personas, driving lead generation tactics in pursuit of buyers journey goals and ensuring the organisation is enthused and empowered to deliver strategic objectives.

The Course Covers

  • Overview - Introduces a successful Product Marketing framework and establish the guidelines for all Product Marketing activities.

  • An Introduction to the Product Marketing Framework that consists of four stages:

    1. Define

    2. Create

    3. Mobilise

    4. Measure and Grow

  • The Define Stage - Define the market that you are targeting and the buyer and user problems to be solved.

  • The Create Stage - Create value propositions, describe how to capture value and communicate a competitive advantage, plan the marketing campaign activities.

  • The Mobilise Stage - Compile the marketing content, enable the organisation, launch your product.

  • The Measure and Grow Stage - Determine meaningful metrics, position your brand in the launch, enlist an army of advocates.


What Do I Get ?

For AUD $1995 (incl. GST) you receive:

  • 2 days of training, facilitated discussion, interactive exercises
  • Full course notes
  • Templates
  • Lunch
  • Morning and Afternoon Tea


Product Marketing is essential for creating competitive advantage, effectively matching products with buyers and forging
great customer engagements. Without effective Product Marketing, even the best products can fade into obscurity if
nobody knows that they are there. For product marketers and go-to-market professionals feeling frustrated, isolated and
stressed by poor launch results, Brainmates provides a modern product marketing training course designed to give
clarity, structure, and control around a product launch. Come to the course ready to apply your
current products and services to the tools and framework covered during this product marketing training course.
You will test it out and work with classmates to refine and improve.


Participants will explore domains, such as:

  • Defining target markets and buyers

  • Validating demand

  • Value creation and capture for competitive advantage

  • Go-to-market plan formulation

  • Build business – Build brand – Build buy-in

  • Content marketing fundamentals

  • Collaboration, accountability

  • Measure and improve


Organisations will realise immediate and ongoing benefits of investing in their Product Marketing capabilities:

  • Establish a consistent and repeatable go to market process to launch a new product or service

  • Improve alignment of product, marketing and branding initiatives

  • Improve purposeful and effective sales support

  • Exploit the power that comes from using buyer personas, value propositions and the buyer's journey

  • More efficient use of marketing resources. Foster a marketing culture of validation and collaboration

  • Cultivate a focus on customer centricity

  • Increase sales through more effective messaging

Course Dates

Course Dates Duration Location Cost Status
Essentials of Product Marketing 28 Aug 2017 2 Days Sydney $1,895.25 AUD Register

* Prices inclusive of GST