To create customer value, we must solve customer problems. Unfortunately, most people will describe their problems with their idea of a solution that may solve it. This 1-day course embraces the challenge of taking an initial problem statement, in whatever form it takes, and then provides a structured approach to reframing the statement in a way that will make finding a solution much easier and effective.

This course expands on the “Problem before solution” thinking introduced in the Essentials of Product Management to provide a step by step approach to stating a problem, validating the problem exists, prioritising the problem and then looking for and testing solutions.

While this course takes a Product Management view point, the process can be applied to any internal or external business challenge.

What you'll learn

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    Step by Step approach to reframing problems finding the right solutions

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    Methods to validate problems and solutions

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    A checklist for the entire process

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    Faster return on investment by solving the most important problems first

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What’s included?

  • 1-day facilitated face to face training course
  • Facilitated discussion and interactive exercises
  • Full printed course notes
  • Catered lunch, morning and afternoon tea
  • Online templates and checklists that support the activities in the course

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What is a Masterclass

The Brainmates Masterclasses are deep dives into topics that are lightly addressed in the Essentials of Product Management course. The Essentials course is not a prerequisite, however it provides additional context to when to use the activities in the Masterclass in the overall Brainmates Product Management Framework.

Who should attend this class?

The course is targeted to Product Managers, however the process will be valuable for tackling any kind of problems. So if you are faced with complex or poorly articulated problems then this course will help you.

Can we tackle real problems I’m currently facing?

Yes. In fact we will encourage attendees to bring a problem they need to address so we can use the process to help find a pathway to a solution.

Why should I train with Brainmates?

At the core of product management is a repeatable problem solving approach. Brainmates has been using this approach in our training and consulting for more than a decade. The Brainmates trainers and facilitators have a great depth of experience in both Product Management and facilitation so you know you will be getting the best experience available.

What makes this course so good?

Problems can be hard, so you need a process that is simple. This course provides a step by step process to break a problem into actionable components. These can be validated and prioritised even before the expensive process of finding a solution starts. This course will help you solve better problems, faster.

Is this course for digital, physical or service products?

Problems don’t discriminate between prodyct types, so neither do we. The approach we use will work with any type of problem and open up the possibility of a range of solution types.

Will I get any benefit from this course if I do not control the development budget?

Yes. This course focuses on asking the right questions and that doesn’t need any kind of budget at all. We do advocate for the validation of both the problems and the solutions and we discuss some inexpensive ways of approaching this to deliver great results.

What results can I expect from the training?

A lot of time in businesses can be spend solving the wrong problems. This course helps to identify the right problems to solve first, which will then result on a better return on investment on any solution activities.

What should I bring to the event?

Just bring the tough problem that you are trying to solve. No other equipment or materials are required. Everything that you need is supplied, including catering.

How does this course compare to the Essentials of Product Management?

In the Essentials of Product Management, identifying a key customer problem is highlighted as a fundamental building block to delivering a great product. The Problem Solving Masterclass takes a deep dive in to this process to make sure the problem you are solving is the most valuable one, and uses a similar approach to solving it.

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