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More and more businesses are employing Agile development methods to get products and services to market faster and more efficiently. Unfortunately for Product Managers who have not been trained in Agile methodology, working with agile teams can seem confusing and the results of their output uncertain.

The Course Covers

  • An introduction to the key concepts and terminology relating to Agile Methods and specifically using Scrum.
  • Hands on practice of the Agile methods with a mock exercise that highlights the key roles and activities in the process.
  • Demonstrates how the Product Management activities and outputs interface with the UX and the Development teams.

What Do I Get ?

For AUD $995 (incl. GST) you receive:

  • 1 day of training, facilitated discussion, interactive exercises
  • Full course notes
  • Lunch
  • Morning and Afternoon Tea


In other Agile courses, you may learn what happens inside an Agile development team, in the
role of the Product Owner or a Scrum Master. But these courses don't link back to
what's happening outside the team and making sure the right Product is being delivered to market.
If you want to deliver the right product, while improving the velocity of your delivery,
register for this course today.


  • Understand the key objectives that Agile thinking can deliver to a business.
  • Recognise the gaps that appear when Agile is only applied in a development team function.
  • Learn how to use Customer Centred Design methods to produce high value user stories.
  • E ectively prioritise inputs to a development team via Product Backlog to accelerate delivery of customer and business value.
  • Use a priorities Product Backlog to estimate the release time for a Minimal Marketable Product.
  • Understand the common “Scrum” activities and their purpose.
  • Gain practical experience working with these Agile methods. 


  • Reduce the waste caused by mis-communications by having a common Agile language.
  • Increase team e ciency by deploying the right resources and skills to the right activities in the Product Delivery process.
  • Accelerate return on development investment by delivering product capability with the highest customer and business value to allow faster revenue generation and market insights. 

Course Dates

Course Dates Duration Location Cost Status
Practical Agile for Product Managers 18 Sep 2017 1 Day Sydney $995.00 AUD Register

* Prices inclusive of GST