In other Agile courses, you may learn what happens inside an Agile development team, in the role of the Product Owner or a Scrum Master. But these courses don’t link back to what’s happening outside the team and making sure the right product is being delivered to market.

If you want to deliver the right product, while improving the velocity of your delivery, register for this course today.

What you'll learn

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    Key concepts in Agile and Scrum

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    Key roles in Agile

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    How it fits together with UX and Dev

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    Mock exercises

Meet your training team


Head of Training

Nick Coster

Leading challenging and fun courses that make Product Management superstars.

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Principal Consultant

Adrienne Tan

Produces course content, ensuring it remains contemporary, effective and ahead of the curve

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What’s included?

  • 1 day of training, facilitated discussion, interactive exercises
  • Full course notes
  • Lunch, morning & afternoon tea

Success Stories

Providing practical approach to how to fit in Agile in Product Management.

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Prices inclusive of GST
Early-bird and Group (3+) pricing available. Go to course registration for details.


Why this course?

Accelerate return on development investment by delivering product capability with the highest customer and business value to allow faster revenue generation.

Will I be ready to work in a scrum team after this course?

Yes – you’ll learn the terminology and ceremonies and you’ll have the confidence to effectively participate in a scrum team.

How does this course compare to the Essentials of Product Management?

This course is about Agile – a product delivery process. The Essentials of Product Management is much broader foundation to all concepts in Product Management. Please call us to discuss your particular situation.

How can we help?

Give us a call on 1800 272 466 or drop us an email.

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