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To provide your company’s products and services the best chance for success in the market, it is important to engage with Product Managers and have a broad understanding of the function and its aim. Product Managers deliver strategies, and define and manage the organisation’s range of products and services. It is the hub that brings together Customer, Market, Technical and Financial knowledge so that it may determine the types of products and services that a company develops and continues to offer in the market. The Introduction to Product Management is essential learning for non Product Managers.

The Course Covers

  • Overview of the Product Management domain

  • Core definitions of what a Product is, how to describe the role of Product Management in a business and some of the fundamental principles that successful products are built on

  • Overview of the process for delivering new products or changes to existing products through a repeatable innovation process that integrates with existing business processes.


What Do I Get ?

For AUD $1295 (incl. GST) you receive:

  • 1 day of training, facilitated discussion, interactive exercises
  • Course notes
  • Templates & tools available online
  • Juggling balls (You learn to juggle!)
  • Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch over the course of 3 days


The Introduction to Product Management course is a one-day interactive course designed to arm those wanting
to work more effectively with Product Managers with the appropriate language and key Product Management concepts.
Participants will have the opportunity to apply the material learned during the course through a series
of exercises so they may best engage with Product Managers to deliver tangible for the business.


  • Learn about a the product lifecycle
  • Understand the difference between a product and a project
  • Get an overview of the Brainmates Product Management Framework
  • Learn about Product Management and the importance of this function in an organisation
  • Learn the various roles in Product Management and how to interact with them.
  • Learn key Product Management concepts
  • Learn about value propositions and positioning statements
  • The importance of strategic planning, product Roadmapping and financial management.


  • Develop a shared understanding of the Product Management function
  • Implement a common language to discuss existing and new product ideas
  • Foster more cohesive teams as stakeholders support Product Management deliver value
  • Find increased efficiency as teams become more aligned
  • Develop a competitive advantage through capability

Course Dates

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