Financial Fundamentals

Financial Fundamentals

Get a thorough understanding of Product finances in one jam-packed day.

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Money is the language of business. It doesn’t matter if your organisation is for profit, not for profit, government or education.

Yet many Product people have a deep understanding of how their Product works and their customers’ needs – but little grasp of how their Product generates financial benefits for their business.

Brainmates’ Financial Fundamentals for Product Managers 1 day course closes this gap. It gives you a thorough understanding of how a Product’s finances work in one jam-packed day.

What we cover

The best Product Managers know the financial performance of their Products back to front. They can talk confidently and knowledgeably about costs, revenue, profit and margins and know which levers they can pull to change the financial performance of their Products. NOT understanding Product financials is the most common reason that Product Managers are passed over for promotion. Senior businesspeople talk the language of money. If you can’t contribute – you’ll be left out of the most important discussions to do with your Product.

This course will enable you to understand the key financial terms and concepts which underpin the financial performance of all Products. We will teach you how to:

  • Accurately assess the financial performance of existing Products
  • Calculate how Products are likely to perform in the future
  • Put together the financial aspects for a business case for investment
  • Work out which Product ideas are the best financial bets for your company

Alumni of Essentials of Product Management receive a 10% discount.

Who is this for?

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    Lacking financial confidence

    If you try to avoid detailed conversations on profit or revenue, or don’t feel confident in your grasp of a Product’s financial aspects, this course is for you.

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    Drive to succeed

    If you’re keen to reach the senior levels of Product Management then developing a sound understanding of finances is one of the best investments you can make.

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    Make better decisions

    Understanding exactly how, and how much, money your Product is making (or not) will enable you to make better decisions to make your Product more successful.

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What you’ll learn

  • The language of finance. You’ll be able to have more detailed and informed conversations with executive stakeholders, your finance and marketing teams and Product Leaders.

  • How to assess Product performance. You’ll understand how to accurately measure the financial performance of your Product so you can make judgements and recommendations on how to improve its overall success.

  • Predicting future performance. Using your understanding of your Product’s current financial position you’ll be able to forecast its future performance and overall value to your business.

  • Build the financial side of a business case. You’ll learn how to put together the financial case for a Product idea, assess it against other ideas, and recommend courses of action.

Training outcomes

  • Understand concepts like revenue, cost, profit, operational cost versus CAPEX, margin, cash flow and why they’re important.
  • Learn how to apply these concepts to existing and new Products to calculate current and predicted future financial performance.
  • Spend your organisation’s money (or resources) more effectively by making better financial decisions.
  • Ability to calculate the size of a market opportunity and accurately compare it with other opportunities.
  • Greater confidence in having financial conversations with senior executives and stakeholders.

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