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Financial Fundamentals

Successful Product Managers are financially literate and articulate. They know their way around their product's financials. They should be able to convey the health of their product today and anticipate the path that it will take. The Financial Fundamentals course builds Product Managers' financial knowledge and improves their ability to understand and explain the key financial terms that underpin their product's performance.

The Course Covers

  • Why is it important to understand financials?
  • When do you need Finance?
  • Reading and speaking the language of finance
  • Using finance as a communication and decision making tool
  • Understand the current state to of the financial health of a product using a driver tree; budgets; forecasts.
  • Making an investment decision
  • Review metrics that will help to validate the anticipated financial outcomes of a product or project
  • Assessing the performance of a product
  • Track the success of a product once it is in the market

What Do I Get ?

For AUD $995 (incl. GST) you receive:

  • 1 day of training, facilitated discussion, interactive exercises
  • Full course notes
  • Templates
  • Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch


The course is a two-day interactive course designed to arm Product Managers with the language and a more thorough understanding of key financial concepts and how to discuss financials with senior management. The course also provides Product Managers the opportunity to practice delivering financial information.


  • Learn concepts such as Revenue, Cost, Operational Cost versus CAPEX, Margin, Cash Flow, Annual Reports and Non-Financial Metrics
  • Understand how to determine how these concepts are applied in Product Management
  • Understand key issues that arise when applying these concepts
  • Learn how to calculate financial concepts
  • Learn how to make decisions using financial tools
  • Learn how to calculate a market opportunity
  • Learn how to confidently explain the product's performance to Executives


  • The presentation of financially sound, compelling opportunities for the business to determine which to select and pursue
  • The ability to make better investment decisions
  • More focus on the bottom line
  • A competitive advantage for your business

Course Dates

Course Dates Duration Location Cost Status
Financial Fundamentals for Product Management 31 Jul 2017 1 Day Sydney $995.00 AUD Register

* Prices inclusive of GST