Speaking to customers is really important for Product Managers. Effective insights from customers help us uncover the market needs that drive the next generation of product innovation. The problem is that most people have no experience with customer interviews, and either avoid talking to customers, or do it poorly. Developing the skills, using the best tools and developing the right experience for running customer interviews and workshops is vital for product success. Whether it is the development and testing of a Value Hypothesis, or presenting and testing an MVP experiment, Product Management professionals need to be able to plan and run an effective customer interview.

What you'll learn

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    Setting a research objective

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    Screening and recruiting

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    The interview plan

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    Conducting interviews

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    How to derive insights

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What’s included?

  • 1 day of training, facilitated discussion, interactive exercises
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Success Stories

Loved the processed steps. Found the recommendations of books very helpful and provided guidance on where to look for more information in areas of interest.

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Can I learn to interview in one day?

You can learn enough to be confident to conduct interviews. Of course, the more you practice following the course, the better you’ll get.

Is this course suitable for B2B products?

Absolutely – the approaches described in the course are suitable for B2C and B2B products.

I’m not allowed to talk to the customer, is this course for me?

During the course, we’ll take some time to bust myths about customer interviewing and handle the objections that come up. It’s an essential skill for Product Managers, and the course will help you convince others.

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