It is not uncommon for a business case to be used as a polite way to say “no” to an idea. They can be hard work with no clear certainty that having one will achieve your goal.

In this one-day course we turn the humble, often never read, Business Case in to a powerful communication tool. We step through 4 stages of Business Case development that will help you to capture new ideas and opportunities, validate them with the marketplace and then communicate them with confidence to financial and non-financial stakeholders.

The Business Case is the story that every new product idea is born from and whether it is a formal document or a compelling pitch deck, the elements required in the story are the same.

What you'll learn

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    Business Case framework

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    Inputs for the Business Case

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    Writing the Business Case

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    Evaluating the Business Case

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    Presentation to stakeholders

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What’s included?

  • 1 day of training, facilitated discussion, interactive exercises
  • Full course notes
  • Lunch, morning & afternoon tea

Success Stories

The Brainmates Business Case Masterclass was a circuit breaker for my digital team, creating a new baseline for the rate of which successful products have been initiated through the Business Case process and launched into the right markets. My team learnt how to hone in on what digital projects would be of value to deliver to our industry, and communicate it succinctly to stakeholders through our Business Cases. As a result, the amount of approved project funding within the year following the Masterclass, was equivalent to the total amount approved during the previous 5 years. Furthermore, many of the digital talent in the team went on to more senior roles within CBA and externally, having shown a track record of initiating a project and taking a product to market. Having experienced how Brainmates training and process can be a gamechanger, I intend to bring the Brainmates formula to the new organisation I now work for.

Adam Farraway

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Are Business Cases still relevant?

Many companies still use Business Cases to compare and evaluate Product development opportunities. Even if yours doesn’t, the fundamental thinking that underlies the Business Case remains very relevant for Product Managers.

I’m not great at maths, is this course for me?

There is no difficult maths in the course. If you’re feeling unsure, the facilitator will be there to support you through the day.

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