Accelerating into Product Leadership

Build the mindsets, skills and capacity to step confidently into a Product Leadership role

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New Product Leadership course

Product Management is a very broad, demanding and fulfilling role. One of the significant gaps limiting the growth of Product Management within organisations is the lack of effective Product Leadership. There is no established formal methodology for Product Leadership and every company does it differently. There are very few models, if any, available that encompass all of the complexities and requirements of a Product Leader's position. Product Leaders have mostly relied on the approaches and frameworks designed specifically for Product Managers or have had to use generic leadership practices that are not always appropriate when dealing with the unique experience of Product Leaders in the organisation.

Brainmates' new "Accelerating into Product Leadership" course is a 3-day interactive program that holistically considers all aspects of Product Leadership to help you build the mindsets, skills and capacity required to be a successful, inspirational Product Leader. The course introduces a new model named PALM (Product Adaptive Leadership Model) that effectively combines technical and adaptive skills – the two crucial elements of Product Leadership. After all Product Leadership is less about what YOU do, but more about how you enable and inspire others to do their best work.

If you're a new Product Leader or an experienced Product Manager looking to move into a Product Leadership role, then is the course for you.

Why do this course?

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    You want to make the leap to Product Leadership but you’re not sure what skills you need, or lack.

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    You’ve recently been promoted to Product Leadership, but have no formal leadership training and want to make sure you start in the best way.

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    You’re a Product Leader experiencing challenges and you want to lift your game. You might be having difficulties with direct reports, struggling to balance the multiple demands of delivering and leading, or just not achieving the impact you desire.

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Brainmates' Product Adaptive Leadership Model (PALM)

The foundation of PALM is your own self-awareness. Stepping into leadership and being effective in the role, means you need a strong sense of your own self and what makes you unique. Without self-reflection, you have an increased possibility of unknowingly making mistakes or stumbles when working with, or leading, others. Self-awareness is building a practice of self-reflection to confront, acknowledge and shape your own personal Product Leadership style.

Key highlights of PALM Model:

  • Focuses on 7 core practices of Product leadership from Self Awareness to Championing Product Culture.
  • Demonstrates that Product Leaders perform different work to Product Managers.
  • Recognises that Product Leaders require both adaptive and technical skills.
  • Technical skills help you complete tasks whilst adaptive skills help you implement across the team and the organisation.
  • Develops the need for reflective practice and self-awareness to step into leadership.
  • Ladders up in priority, building the mindsets and skillsets that influence product culture.
  • The model is dynamic in nature. The intent is to be able to easily move across all 7 practices.
  • Encapsulates the different experiences of Product Leadership in organisations.

How does the course help Product Leaders?

It helps Product Leaders to:

  • Develop a clear strategy with the collective input of diverse stakeholders, including team members; and ensuring that it is well communicated and understood across the business.
  • Empower the Product team so that it makes best use of the expertise and experience of all its members. The Product Leader co-creates (with members of the team) and supports a culture that best represents everyone's contributions and ways of working.
  • Create a learning environment where the team members can grow and be open to new learning and insights. This includes cultivating an open mind to learning, a focus on metrics to guide direction, a focus on individual and team performance, and a strong Product-Led culture.
  • Advocate for and support the Product Team across the organisation by highlighting the value Product contributes to the overall strategy and success of the business.

Training outcomes

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Enhanced capability to create, coach and lead a productive, diverse Product Team
  • Ability to skilfully navigate the complexities of Product Leadership in challenging organisations
  • Improved communicationand influencing skills, especially for key stakeholders and senior executives
  • Greater understanding of the best way to develop the Product Culture at a team and organisational level

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