Leading Women in Product Management

Adrienne Tan

Leading Women in Product Management

Congratulations to everyone who entered Leading Women in Product Management! We start this inaugural list with 17 talented women across a range of industries and sectors.

The responses received were incredible and I was heartened to see that the talent in Product Management is outstanding in Australia and New Zealand. Women continue to drive change and challenge dysfunctional methods and staid practices. This is great news because Product Management is a key driver of innovation and fuel for our economies.

Creating this list is part of a personal journey to showcase Women in Product Management, women who work hard and make an impact without the realisation, and certainly without recognition that their effort propels organisations forward. Over the course of this process, I wanted this list to be meaningful for women on the list, women who should be proud that their achievements are being recognised by others.

Leading Women In Product Management for 2017 are:

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About The Judging Process:

Like any product discovery, this process unfolded as I received feedback and learnt more. The initial intent was to have 52 leading women on the list but responses were smaller than I had expected. What was important was that the process was both fair and meaningful. I iterated along the way and today, there are 17 amazing women on the list.

People (through LinkedIn and the Brainmates blog) were asked to nominate women who had made an impact in Product Management. We had 93 nominations from Australia and New Zealand, of which 7 were ineligible to enter as they were working outside of Australia and New Zealand. To qualify to be considered as a Leading Woman in Product Management, our nominees completed a short application form. We sent out 86 application forms and received 51 responses.

As part of the application process, applicants were asked to submit their LinkedIn profile and describe their successes.

The judges were asked to independently review 51 applications and select 30 women who made an impact either as a Product Leader, Product Innovator or Product Community Builder. The women who were selected by all three of the judges made the list.

About The Judges

Like our applicants, the judges also have a diverse background.

They are:

  1. Kym Niblock, Strategic Advisor, ex CEO Spark Media and Lightbox
  2. Trent Innes, Managing Director, Xero Australia
  3. Jen Marshall, CEO, Brainmates

A common statement from the judges was that it was difficult to select 30 women. In the words of one of our judges, “Wow that was tough! SO many great, great people doing great things”.

And for those whose names are not on the list, please remember that your community thinks the world of the great work that you do. Your organisations would be worse off without your input, wisdom and effort. I can only hope that my impact in Product Management is as great as yours.

I will continue to create a new Leading Women in Product Management list each year and I hope you come along the journey with me.

Adrienne Tan

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