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Adrienne Tan

Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.”- Winston Churchill

Wow what a challenge the past 3 months have been! So many of us have lost our jobs, had our hours reduced or been forced to take holidays. Many of us have also discovered that working from home is not the dream we all desired. What a lot of us associated with identity and daily life was taken away with very little consideration or time to ask why – or even simply to say goodbye to colleagues.

Equally as many of us have discovered that working remotely is actually pretty good. We get great flexibility we can better balance our families and work and our employers tend to be more forgiving. We go for a walk at lunch instead of staying at our desks, focus better on the tasks at hand and appear to be getting a lot more done. While it may be a generalisation to break us into two tribes it does simplify what have been challenging working conditions, good and bad, for all of us.

When we look back at where we were in January to now, I believe it would be fair to say we have all reassessed what is important to us outside of our health and family. The opportunity to make the complex simple is something we have a chance to grab and define. Does my job define me? Can I make it fit a more flexible working arrangement? How can I seek out a role that truly inspires me? The two guiding questions for PM’s of: “Who is it for?”and “What problem will it solve?”  have never been more important as we consider our own identity in the workplace.

At Brainmates ourcommunity has always been very important to us and so one small thing we’ve been doing is promoting Product roles free for the past three months to support both the employers and candidates as we slowly emerge from this intense disruption to a simpler world. The initial defensive behaviour a lot of companies adopted is now starting to turn as we accept the new working norm and start to plan for the second half of 2020.

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Adrienne Tan

Adrienne Tan | Author

Adrienne is Co-Founder and CEO of Brainmates and Co-Founder of Leading the Product. She has been championing Product Management since 2000, earning international recognition for raising the profile of the Product Management profession. In this capacity she regularly consults to the Asia-Pacific's top businesses and speaks at business and Product events around the world.

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