Virtual Product Champion

Why might you need a Virtual Product Champion?

Our clients are increasingly looking for experts to work remotely (and seamlessly) with their teams to solve Product problems and help to deliver Product and business success.

Do you share this need?

It could be because:

  • You have a burning need to solve a Product challenge
  • You want to demonstrate what good Product Management looks like
  • You work in a country or area where Product expertise is thin on the ground
  • Your business or market is changing and you need help to adapt
  • You want to make new Products but do not have the resources readily available

Why Brainmates?

We have been championing Product Management since 2004. We’ve trained thousands of Product Managers and helped hundreds of organisations to solve their Product and business problems. We see our purpose as helping people and companies to build better Products to make a better world.

Your Virtual Product Champion will apply the same methodologies and processes which we have used to help hundreds of the Asia-Pacific’s leading businesses, but remotely. We use technology solutions like video-conferencing and Slack, or your company’s preferred technology platforms, to lead your Product team to solutions that bring about long-term business success.

Our consultants are expert Product Managers with a track record of success in multiple Product companies – they have the skills and flexibility to quickly make an impact in your organisation. We vet, train and coach all of our consultants in practical, hands-on Product Management techniques which we developed and have used and refined over our 15+ years of operation.

what is product fit
We don't see ourselves as consultants, but business partners. We work with you to solve problems and embed successful habits and frameworks.
what is product fit
We are experts at leading your team to solve their Product and business problems, in-person or remotely.

How does it work?

A typical engagement lasts from 2 – 8 months and consists of three phases:

Virtual consulting process

Remote working tools for Product and business success

To ensure your Virtual Product Champion’s success we will agree a detailed meeting schedule and way of working with you in advance of the first phase. We use video calls/workshops to complete the key activities and set up a shared Slack channel for regular communication. In the early days of the engagement we would have a daily check-in via video conference with your key contact to ensure regular progress and build confidence. As the engagement progressses these regular video conferences would evolve into video ‘stand-ups’ and weekly planning sessions.

Need help solving your Product or business problems?
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The remote consulting
phases and framework

A typical engagement lasts from 2 – 8 months and consists of three phases:


Your Champion spends the first 2 to 4 weeks getting to know your organisation, teams, ways of working and Products. After they gain a deep understanding of your business, your Champion will come up with a bespoke plan and rough timeline of how they will achieve your business objectives. After gaining the confidence and buy in of your stakeholders we progress to Phase 2.

Design and develop

Together, you and your Champion now action the plan defined in Phase 1. Using Brainmates’ Product Management skills and techniques combined with your team’s subject matter knowledge you co-design solutions which enhance your team’s skills and grow your Product or business. We work alongside your team to execute the plan and produce artefacts like journey maps, roadmaps and user stories for your team to use well into the future. We will teach Product Management and stakeholder management skills and techniques to help you and your team gain buy in from senior leaders to ensure the plan’s overall success.


In this phase your Champion will coach your team (using the Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me method) to apply their learnings into their daily work. This includes helping the team to execute the plan, while providing ongoing feedback and guidance and course correcting with support, resources and workshops when required. Once the plan is implemented or your team feels confident to complete it on their own, then the engagement formally ends.

But you still have Brainmates on tap!

Once we complete a consulting engagement we know your business and you have a highly experienced team of Brainmates Product Managers on tap, when and if you need further support.

iconSome of our superstar clients

  • HealthShare NSW
  • Kennards Hire
  • The University of Queensland
  • eftpos Australia
  • Aesop
  • AFL
  • Air Tasker
  • Car Sales
  • ABC
  • acconex
  • Smith Family
  • UBS
  • NSW Justice
  • Lend lease
  • Cochlear
  • Seek
  • The Iconic
  • Xero
  • NAB
  • 7 News
  • Comm Bank

Virtual Product Champions

Our Framework makes light work

Product Management Framework

Our Brainmates Product Management Framework is an iterative process that takes an idea from minimum viable product quickly and easily to launch and beyond.

It brings design thinking, Agile and Lean methodologies together in a fresh way that helps your team create Products and services that delight your customers.

We’ve used the Brainmates Framework thousands of times to deliver sustainable, long-term solutions for our clients – not stop-gap quick fixes. Our collaborative approach means we embed our Framework, skills and approaches into your team and workplace.

We then offer ongoing support, whether Product Management coaching, training, consulting or just through sharing our ideas and insights.

Whatever your Product Management needs – we’re here to help.

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