Accelerate your business growth with workplace Product Management training

Brainmates have been coaching and training in Product Management since 2004, working closely with thousands of Product Managers from a variety of industries and organisations, both in Australia and overseas.

Product Management training for key functional groups in your business will accelerate your progress while minimising the risk and expense of relying on a single Product Manager to do all the heavy lifting.

Product Managers are increasingly in demand – they are the highest salary position in technology across Australia and the US, according to Hired’s 2017 Salary Report.

Embedding Product Management thinking and methodologies ensures your organisation takes a customer-centric approach, increasing your market share as you deliver products that your customers love.

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Embed the Product Management approach

Why invest in Product Management team training?


Build your team

Build your team’s core Product Management competencies, sharing the same language and concepts to heighten efficiently at getting better products to market, quicker.

Strengthen foundational methodologies

Bolster the success of your products and minimise failures by developing foundational methodologies such as strategic management, design thinking, lean startup, and agile, to enable your team to work more cohesively, using common frameworks and tried-and-tested methodologies so that they can better understand customers and deliver the best products to market.

Leverage team skills

Learn how to best leverage your team’s strengths to boost productivity, improve outcomes and minimise stress and inefficiencies by investing in skill development.

Daily habit change

Draw on the latest research and techniques to raise individual and team outputs and deliver business outcomes through a change of daily habits, new routines and rituals, adding up to a more robust, effective, team system.

Brainmates on tap

Have a highly experienced team of Brainmates Product Managers on tap, when and if you need further support.

Embed Product skills with training, coaching and consulting

Product Management workplace training shouldn’t be a one-off affair talk with us about how we can keep your teams skills sharp with our Product Fit program, a year-long, holistic syllabus designed to change behaviours, lift team performance and accelerate business profitability.

The Product Fit program begins with an assessment of team knowledge and skill gaps before developing an ongoing learning curriculum, including training workshops and on the job Product Management coaching.

Specialised in-house Product Management training courses

Led by co-founder and head of training, Nick Coster, Brainmates have delivered hundreds of in-house specialty training and workshops over the years, for organisations including uBank,, MYOB,, and Australian Unity.

  • Essentials of Product Management is our flagship training course, specifically for Product and Marketing people with at least two years’ relevant experience who are seeking smarter, quicker ways of delivering exceptional products and services to their market.
  • Essentials of Product Marketing enables you to create competitive advantage, matching products with buyers and forging great customer engagements.
  • Customer Research & Discovery sharpens the key Product Management skill of customer knowledge and insight. This workshop teaches invaluable skills in customer interviewing, testing and validating ideas, and better understanding customer needs and pains.
  • Pitch your Product! This workshop packs a one-two punch, combining left-brain and right-brain skills of financial literacy and ROI data, with the storytelling, charisma and persuasion required to win over, and sell into, key stakeholders.
  • Practical Agile for Product Managers helps your team deliver value faster, reduce waste by prioritising product features properly, and use agile methods to capture and deliver your customer needs.
  • Financial Fundamentals for Product Managers teaches essential financial knowledge to arm Product Managers with the language and skills into the key financial terms that underpin the assessment of a product’s performance, forecasting and requesting investment for new product development.

for your


Delivering products that solve valuable customer problems.

streamlined delivery

Streamlined delivery of products to market.

team engagement

Better team engagement and motivation.

Our framework makes light work

Product Management Framework

Our Brainmates Product Management Framework is an iterative process that takes idea to minimum viable product, launch and beyond, quickly and easily.

It brings together design thinking, agile and lean methodologies to offer a fresh approach that enables your team to create products and services that your customers love.

Here at Brainmates, we’re committed to sustainable, long-term solutions rather than stop-gap solutions. To embed the learnings and new approaches into your workplace and build support the development of new rites, rituals, processes and systems in your team, Brainmates offers ongoing support, whether Product Management coaching, consulting, or a combination of both.

If you’re keen to embed the Product Management approach into your workplace, unite your team so that everyone is using the same framework, processes, and terminology, and improve market share, then, we’re here to help.

Essential information about Product Management workplace training

You need a minimum of six people for specialised workplace training and can also accommodate large groups with tiered pricing. We work closely with you to do a skills-gap analysis and determine the best course of action for your team’s development. Get in touch!

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