Product Management Process

Many Product Teams are looking to lift their game, by ensuring they consistently take steps to validate target markets, customer problems, and potential solutions.

Modern Product Management Frameworks and Processes are lightweight, a great alignment tool for teams, and deliver better outcomes. The best ones help teams get into the groove.

Brainmates has designed many Product Management Frameworks for businesses of varying sizes and across a range of industries. Brainmates consultants are current on the latest Product Management thinking and will ensure your framework is fit-for-purpose within your organisational context.

what is product fit
Building good Product Management thinking.

We can deliver a wide range of services

  • Product Manager Capability Assessment and Report
  • Product Strategy Workshop
  • Product Roadmap Workshop
  • Product Vision and Goals Workshop
  • Customer Research
  • Personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Design & Prototype Sprints
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for your


Delivering products that solve valuable customer problems.


Seamlessly deliver products to the market.


Happy stakeholders and executives.

How Does Consulting Work?

Get in touch with the Brainmates team and we'll start the process with an initial assessment, followed by a proposal. The final step is signing a statement of work, so we can

Initial Assessment

We'll meet with you to learn about your current needs and situation. We'll probe deeply to understand the pain points and ask to hear about specific examples. We'll also tentatively offer approaches to test the appropriateness for your organisational context. All consulting solutions are based on a wealth of Product Management consulting experience, and are tailored to suit the specific needs of the client.


Brainmates will prepare an overview of the services we provide, including the deliverables, the pricing and an estimated duration for the project. Our approach is always iterative and customer feedback is expected to ensure the solution is fit for purpose.

Statement of Work and Commencement

In order to confirm dates and start work, Brainmates requires a signed Statement of Work. This includes confidentiality, to ensure your work is secure.