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Am I where I want to be, have I done everything to set myself up to learn and grow on a personal level, what can I do to make a difference personally and professionally? Brainmates support you on your journey from the first CV through to the CPO who speaks at LTP. We understand the journey is kind of tricky, it has highs , lows and lots of roundabouts but if you stay true you will get there, we know, we have met so many of you over the past 15 years. Looking for your next move within Product why not start here…

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Utilise our broad and deep connections in the Product industry, developed over the last 15 years in business. Our Job Amplification Service highlights the Product Management roles created by teams that know and understand the difference a knowledgeable Product Manager can make.We reach over 150,000 people in the Product Community through a variety of platforms so if you would like to get your job seen by great Product people please let me know

Cluey Learning
Posted 22 June 2019

Cluey Learning
Cluey are a fast growth Ed-Tech start up and they are looking for a Product Manager to lead the delivery and evolution of Cluey’s customer portal click here for more information

Plexus Software Engineer
Posted 11 June 2019

Plexus Software Engineer
Plexus is an Australian based Global success story that is actively creating a new vision for Legal Automation and Innovation. Headquartered in Melbourne Plexus are searching for a Software Engineer . This team role will contribute to an ever evolving dynamic product. click here for more information

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