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Product Management is a broad discipline and a moveable feast. There are so many skills, methodologies and new tools coming in every day. It can be overwhelming to know what to focus on, what to ignore, and how to set yourself up for your next career move.

At Brainmates, we live and breathe Product. Established in 2004, we’ve been working with global brands such as Commonwealth Bank, the ABC, Xero, the AFL, seek, 7news, Aesop, and the NSW Government.

Career coaching for Product Managers and Product people can turbocharge your career, saving you time and the angst of having to figure everything out by yourself.

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Accelerate your Product career

Why you could need career coaching


Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?

You’ve been told by those you respect that you have “great potential”, and you go to a lot of coffee meetings, but you don’t get any job offers.

You feel stuck in your Product job and have lost a bit of confidence. Perhaps you’re being bullied, or you’re lacking support from those around you who could help you.

You’re keen to take on a leadership role and progress your career, but your boss keeps promising opportunities that never happen, and you’re tired of waiting.

You have trouble keeping stakeholders engaged and supportive of what you’re seeking to do.

You hold a senior position and want to make a sideways move into Product and want to save time and effort by having us help you do so.

Job interviews aren’t happening, or you’ve had too many where you feel you were a great candidate, but didn’t make it through to the next round and you’re not sure why.

You’re overwhelmed by the amount of new tech that you have to work with, and waste time and worry trying to pick the right tool for the job.

You’re regularly asked to do tasks that you don’t know how to do and find it stressful and time-consuming to figure it out by yourself.

You’re prone to changing direction and sometimes lack follow-through.

You need clarity and the confidence that comes with it in knowing where your career is headed.

You feel you’re spending your days reacting and responding rather than leading and directing.

Perfect-for-you-one-to-one mentorship

Your situation is unique. And career coaching is not an off-the-shelf template or course that suits everyone. We can steer this coaching program in any direction you choose. But here are a few things we can start with

Together, we can cover:

  • Productivity, accountability, procrastination and self-mastery
    Knowing your own psychology can help you work with it, not against it, to increase your productivity and reduce stress, rework, overwhelm and procrastination. We are your accountability buddy to equip and empower you to focus on the highest value tasks you need to complete each week, while better managing others to reduce your need to do non-essential work.
  • Career design
    Using our self-assessment tools, together we uncover your strengths and ambitions. We then combine this with market and industry trends, to plot out your career path. Most people’s careers are happenstance. Take control and design a career that fits you like a glove, giving you the best possible path forward to set up your future success.
  • Get the job you want
    Secure the job you want and progress your career by learning how to overcome common challenges, address interview questions confidently and with aplomb, and focus on the value you bring to the role.
  • Do your best work
    Find your footing between technology, design, marketing, and sales. Understand how you add value, working to your strengths while you develop new skills to help you perform at your best.
  • Connect strategy to implementation
    Get better, faster and more efficient at hitting the ground running, so you can implement your organisation’s strategy quickly and easily.
  • Gain the confidence you need to succeed
    To get ahead, you know rock-solid self-confidence is essential. We will equip you with the insight you need to understand your value in the market so that you can speak with credibility about your expertise and experience, and work your networks to access your next smart career move.
  • Secure your promotion
    Master pitching your ideas and strategy to stakeholders, to get them enthused and advocating on your behalf. Learn how to show and tell, reframe problems as challenges, and corral people through effective pitching, persuasion and personal charisma.

This coaching program is more than the sum of its parts. It means you’ll have Brainmates’ brains, hearts and industry connections to help accelerate your Product career.

Sandeep Gondekar

Senior Consultant and Trainer

Sandeep Gondekar

Sandeep is our resident Product consultant hero, who we nickname Sandeep the Great or Sandeep the Grey depending on whether or not he’s shaved. Sandeep has been in Product Management since 2003, working with some of the world’s leading brands such as eBay, Fairfax and eftpos, and from various industries such as e-commerce, media and payments.

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Sandeep is an expert in product vision and strategy skills which he brought to the fore when working with a client in the payments industry that was facing significant business challenges. Technology and consumer behaviour were rapidly changing and this organisation was unable to compete and stay relevant. Sandeep helped the client to formulate a multi-pronged strategy so that they could close the gap on competitors while also creating a robust vision to regain its leadership position. But strategy was only one part of the change the organisation required. It was absolutely critical for them to move from a waterfall methodology to agile to build products their customers genuinely needed. Brainmates, headed by Sandeep, helped them become an agile organisation, driving business outcomes with speed, surety and also progress on multiple strategic initiatives simultaneously. Formulating a robust strategy which considers all aspects of business, including key customer needs and commercial viability, keeps Sandeep happy.

Sandeep is passionate about Product Management because it’s one role that truly enables you to positively influence the future of a business or a product and make them world class. When not brainstorming strategies or cultivating Product culture, Sandeep is busy coaching his nine-year-old son to become as big of a cricket tragic as he is, or traversing Australia with his family on extended road trip adventures.

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Laura Cardinal

Trainer and Coach

Laura Cardinal

Laura has been part of the extended Brainmates family for over 7 years, and is currently working freelance Head of Product and helping businesses shape their product strategy, and lift their product management and delivery capabilities.

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With over 18 years’ experience in leadership and technology, Laura has led large (200+) innovative teams of product managers, product marketers and engineers to build and launch software used and loved by customers all over the world Most recently building and leading Xero’s product development functionality in Australia.

Laura is passionate about growing leaders and building cultures in the product and tech world and believes that amazing things happen when you align different types of people to a common purpose. She wants to live in a world where vulnerability is celebrated and is passionate about building cultures and environments that encourage everybody to bring their whole-selves to the table.

With Laura’s zest, creativity and curiosity, we are very excited to have her as part of the growing Brainmates Product Management Training team.

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Each Brainmates coach only sees a maximum of four coaching clients at any one time to keep our time and attention with you as focused and fresh as possible. Spots are strictly limited and we normally have a short wait-list at any one time, so click the apply now button below to get started.

Each one hour Coaching session is $500 (plus GST).

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