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Product Capability 

Empower Your Product Talent

Learn how to uplift your product team’s skills and influence.

$149Per Individual
User Licence

Each Assessment Includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment across 24 product-specific capabilities
  • Detailed results showing strengths and areas for development

Plus, for the Team Account Admin:

  • User management and visibility of assessment status
  • Access to all individual assessment results

Why should you assess your team’s capabilities?

Organisational change is inevitable, and managing change successfully requires an understanding of how your teams capabilities have changed, or how they might need to change to align to your organisations new needs.

  • Product team changes – Are you the new leader of an existing team? Has your team undergone significant changes in structure or personell? Every time a team changes – you now have a new team, with new capabilities that must be understood.
  • Organisational changes – Have your business objectives been updated? Has a new product strategy been adopted? You need to identify any gaps in capabilities that may need to be addressed.

The Brainmates Product Capability Assessment provides the foundation to understand your team’s capabilities.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Strategic Alignment 

Ensure your team’s skills are aligned with your organisation’s strategic goals.

More Effective Product Teams 

Individuals supported in their ongoing development, with the capabilities they need for their role, build more effective Product Teams that attract and retain the best talent.

Increased return on Talent Management 

Focused development based on the needs of each individual and team ensures the maximum return on investment.

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Why is the Brainmates Product Capability Assessment different?

We provide a unique, in-depth assessment, hosted within a bespoke platform, that ensures you and your team will get the most from your results.

Other Assessments

Product Capability Assessment​



Download and share a assessment templates

Team members select a score for each capability

Invite each team member to complete their online assessment

Your team answer detailed questions about their actual practice

Results are tailored for each individual based on the relevancy of each capability to their role

Scores are calculated for Capability and Influence across 24 capabilities based on detailed questions

Capabilities are mapped to additional dimensions based on the Brainmates Product Capability Framework, providing additional insights into the skill distributions of individuals and teams.

Team leaders can manage their team, track progress, and view all assessment results.

Solutions for growing and established Product Teams

I need to prepare
my team to scale

The decisions you make now will have a critical impact in shaping the future performance of your team as your business scales. The Product Capability Assessment provides an accessible platform for leaders of growing product teams to objectively and transparently assess their team’s capabilities.

I need a program to drive continuous development 
and alignment

Working with P&C and Product leaders, Brainmates can integrate the Product Capability Assessment into a comprehensive program for developing and retaining Product Talent that tailored to your specific
business objectives.

Leverage Product Management
To Drive Business Value.

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