Brainmates Purpose-Driven Idea Pad helps organisations quickly determine whether their Product ideas are worth pursuing. It’s the new version of The Brainmates Idea Pad, which has been one of our most popular Product Management tools for many years.

While the Brainmates Idea Pad very quickly helps you sort the good ideas from the great ideas, our new version does this while also helping you determine what the social or environmental impact of your idea is likely to be. So for purpose-driven businesses, charities, social enterprises and just normal companies that want to do good as well as make money – it didn’t tell the whole story. That’s what our Mission-Driven Idea Pad does.

The Brainmates Purpose-Driven Idea Pad helps you to quickly determine:

1. Who the idea is for
2. What problem(s) the idea solves for the customer
3. What benefits the customer gets from your idea?
4. What benefits the business receives by developing, implementing and managing the idea once in market AND
5. The social/environmental impact your idea will have

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