Want help to become a
Product-Led organisation?

Looking for help introducing a pragmatic, no-nonsense Product-Led Transformation Program?

Always struggling to launch quality products to market on time?

Is your investment in a Digital Transformation Program not delivering the expected results?

Has your business growth slowed?
Are competitors outpacing you?


Launches / Year


Of Products Fail



Business Cost

Many organisations turn to Digital Transformation programs
to fix their struggles in the market...



Spent in 2020


Of Budget Wasted




… but Digital Transformations can fail if they don’t establish
a strong Product Management function that focuses
on solving real customer problems.

Digital Transformation Programs do not focus on identifying and solving customer problems that benefit the business. Instead, Product Teams are treated as “feature factories”, who are focused on meeting internal needs rather than delivering products that customers love.

A common reason for product failure is thinking you know your customer but never talking to them. Most Digital Transformation Programs fail because they don’t structure organisations to identify the “Why” and “What” of the next right thing to build. They overlook real problems faced by existing and potential customers. They do little to encourage continuously identifying and solving valuable customer problems.

Product-Led Organisations significantly out-perform
those that are not Product-Led.

2 x

Enterprise Value

1.8 x

Growth Rate

1.5 x

Revenue Multiple

* Study on the performance of organisations determined as “Product-Led” vs those that are not.

A Product-Led organisation is one that aligns their business activities around the fundamentals of real customer value creation that underpin modern Product Management practices.

Product-Led does not mean that the
Product team makes all the decisions.

A Product-Led Transformation Program’s aim is to align the entire organisation to make decisions that solve problems that customers care deeply about in a way that delivers long-term benefit to the business.

Many organisations say they are “customer-first”, but they aren’t. Becoming Product-Led means turning that “goal” into a “reality”.

Brainmates partners with you to help you
deliver on the promise of Product-Led Transformation.

We have helped these companies transform to become Product-Led organisations:

Brainmates’ Product-Led Transformation Program aims to deliver 3 key benefits:

  1. An increase in the business and customer value of your organisation’s products
  2. A significant reduction in the risk of product failure
  3. An improvement in your organisation’s ability to respond to shifting market dynamics

Brainmates is the right partner to help you
deliver on the promise of Product-Led Transformation.

There are many benefits of our
practical, no-nonsense Product-Led
Transformation Program.

We’ve worked with Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and Enterprises since 2004 to successfully set up and enhance their Product Management practice.

We bring valuable hands-on Product skills and experience honed over the last 17 years.

We’ve worked to help deliver products with eBay, Foxtel, BeemIt, Fairfax, Mercer, Lend Lease, Cochlear, Cuscal, Northcott, Greyhound Racing Victoria and many more.

Our Product-Led Program starts by assessing your organisation to confirm if it has a Product Vision and Strategy that is aligned with the business vision and goals. Then we provide you with an evaluation of your Product Management skills, processes, framework, team structure and culture. These measured insights are provided to you in terms of the key areas of our Product-Led Transformation Program.

Strategise & Plan

  • Know Thy Customer
  • Uncover The Vision
  • Respond With A Strategy & An Action Plan

Resource & Staff

  • Design The Structure
  • Hire The Right Skills
  • Welcome Onboard For Impact

Empower & Enable

  • Create The Guardrails
  • Implement Systems & Practices
  • Teach & Coach The People

Make & Deliver

  • Discover Opportunities
  • Plan for Delivery
  • Launch New Products

Sense & Respond

  • Report on Achievements
  • Sense Market Changes
  • Respond to Market Reactions

Embed & Evangelise

  • Embedding & Evangelising
  • Evangelise Product Benefits
  • Engage with the Board

The Brainmates Product-Led Transformation Program



4-6 Weeks

6- 12 Months


Design & Implement

Educate & Upskill

Knowledge Transfer

We closely partner with your team to provide insights on how you are performing in terms of the 6 areas of Product-Led Transformation:

  1. Strategising & Planning
  2. Resourcing & Staffing
  3. Enabling & Empowering
  4. Making & Delivering
  5. Sensing & Responding
  6. Embedding & Evangelising

We work together to provide your team with a pragmatic plan to fix the specific problems identified across the 6 Transformation areas. We work with your team to implement the plan using a combination of hands-on “doing, teaching and changing” activities for effective & long lasting improvements.

We can help you to not just upskill the Product team, but to engage the broader organisation in the new Product-Led approach, with a focus on identifying the key players who can influence and advocate across your organisation.

We enable and support your leaders to scale your Product Framework and Principles in line with your Product-Led objectives.

We can provide on-going coaching as required, helping you to build an internal Product Practice that is long-lasting and impactful to the way you deliver Products

We can provide comprehensive reporting on the strengths and opportunities for growth in the Product Management team, and across your organisation, including:

  • A comprehensive plan to address the most critical problems
  • Enhancements to the Product Function, equipping your teams with the right processes, structure, framework and Ways of Working to continuously identify and solve the right customer problems
  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for your team to manage the new way of working
  • A team well trained and coached in the end-to-end Product Management practice
  • Stakeholders who are aligned, and understand their role, and are operationally ready
  • A well embedded Product Mindset across the organisation
  • A leadership team that lives and breathes a customer centric approach to Product Development

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