5 Minutes With Cameron Sojan (AMEX)

Cameron Sojan, Head of Product Management at AMEX

Cameron recently spoke to us about his views on Product Management. Interestingly, Cameron’s Product Management background stems from telecommunications and his thoughts on Product Management within the Financial industry has not differed.

Cameron describes Product Management as the “stewardship or leadership of products as individual and inter-related businesses within an organisation. It generally comes with the dual responsibility of managing “the now” whilst keeping an eye on the future.”

Like many Product Managers that we speak to, he feels that “Product Management is perceived and positioned in varying ways.” Instead, “Product Management should be the owner of product profitability and customer experience”.

I too agree with Cameron that Product Managers must have some level of financial accountability. Without this responsibility, decisions made whilst developing, improving or positioning the product may not be grounded in sound business principles.

His role at AMEX is very much a leadership role. Apart from leading the development of product strategy and the tight integration of product strategy with marketing and sales plans, his efforts are channelled towards “shifting organisational understanding and appreciation for the value that Product Management brings to bear”. He is also outwardly focused, “identifying and qualifying opportunities and threats with a view to prioritising marketing and organisational efforts.”

When asked what are the main challenges Product Managers face, Cameron believes that its all do to with “role clarity”.

At AMEX, his team are faced with managing and resolving operational issues.

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