5 Minutes With Cristine Prufer (Foxtel)

This is a new series of posts which follows on from the “Product Managers are not Project Managers” post.

Since the role of a Product Manager tends to differ across companies and across industries, I thought that it would be beneficial to speak to a few Product Managers to find out what they think of Product Management and what they do as a Product Manager.

Cristine Prufer, Product Manager Interactive TV at Foxtel

The first Product Manager to speak to us is Cristine Prufer from Foxtel. Cristine is the Interactive TV Product Manager for Australia’s largest Subscription TV provider.

Cristine describes Product Management as an area within the business that deals with the “end to end aspects of a product and its lifecycle.” Product Management she says “has a multifunctional approach”. Apart from defining and developing the product, it includes an element of marketing and a financial component that establishes the profitability of the product.

Her role at Foxtel is wide ranging. It includes managing the day to day tasks related to Foxtel’s interactive games service, sourcing new game content, marketing the service using all available channels, financial analyses and reporting.

The challenges that she faces is the fast paced environment that she works in. She says that a “Product Manager at Foxtel has to know the product well so quick changes can be made and implemented smoothly.”

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