5 Minutes With Elizabeth Saran (BigPond)

Elizabeth Saran, Group Product Manager at BigPond

Elizabeth Saran leads a team of Product Managers at BigPond that deliver a range of fixed Internet services such as ADSL, ISDN, Dial Up and Cable Broadband services to Australian consumers.

When we caught up with Elizabeth, she expressed clear views on Product Management and what the profession generally entails.

Product Management according to Elizabeth is a “function within an organisation that manages a particular product or a suite of products”. In line with customer segment requirements, the Product Management function “ensures product profitability and revenue growth”. This is achived through “new product development and enhancements, life cycle management, cost and capital expense management and exit management”. Key to profitability is the “continuous improvement of the customer experience”.

As Group Product Manager, Elizabeth’s main responsibilities fall into two realms; managing people and managing product. She “builds and sustains an effective and creative team to meet business objectives” as well as “defines and manages the lifecycle of a product portfolio”.

Her team “identifies and delivers new product development opportunities to maximise revenue whilst managing any cross product and business unit impacts”. Whilst developing a product roadmap is essential for planning for purposes, it is also used to communicate the value proposition to the marketing and sales channels.

Her main challenge at BigPond is “managing the many cross business unit stakeholders and obtaining resources to drive and implement initiatives”.

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