White Paper: Personas, Characters at Work

Adrienne Tan, co-founder of Brainmates has published a white paper on a topic that is highly relevant to product managers.

Personas are commonly used tools to help articulate insights into customers for the purpose of defining and developing products and services. They help to bridge the gap between abstract target market segments and real customers. The development of personas helps product managers to focus on the goals, motivations and behaviours of their target customers.

Brainmates has helped clients in a range of industries to craft personas and then use these in the process of defining, developing and deploying new products and services. Find out more about how we can help you.

Characters at Work: The use of personas in product management

In this first Brainmates White Paper, Adrienne investigates

  • The origin of the persona tool
  • Use of personas and their benefits
  • Types of persona including primary and secondary buyers, negative personas and family personas
  • Tips and guidelines on good persona development
  • Ways to avoid pitfalls and issues related to personas

Download whitepaper here.

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