The Key to Success – Product Leaders Share Their Thoughts

Rebecca Dorsay


This month we had four Product Leaders share the one key success factor that got them to the position they are in today. All these amazing Product folks have become well known names in the industry and not surprisingly, each climbed the ladder in different ways…

Don’t have time to watch the whole video?

Here are the four key success factors you can use to grab your goals:

  1. Invest in your own learning. Spend your time upskilling and devouring all of the free information out there.

  2. Time ! Success won’t happen overnight, you must be willing to commit for the long haul.

  3. Don’t be complacent. Seek the change you are looking for rather than waiting around for the next opportunity.

  4. Focus on the big picture. Always keep your biggest goals in the forefront of your mind to ensure you are always taking one step closer to reaching them.

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Rebecca Dorsay

Rebecca Dorsay | Author

Rebecca is a lover of fine writing, fine literature and finding out how the brain works. This of course brought her to Product Management when she arrived in Australia from Canada. She’s now deeply immersed in the Australian Product scene and blogs and works for Brainmates.

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