Product Talks #2 – Challenges of developing and launching new products

Alan Jones of Pollenizer was our guest speaker at our second Sydney Product Talks event. He delivered a fun and informative presentation about the challenges of developing new products.

Some of the highlights of his presentation for me were:

1. Developers need challenges during the Product Development process. Requirements should therefore NOT include solution definition statements but should detail the user needs. This will provide Developers with the scope and framework for delivering creative solutions.

2. Marketers should never write requirements. Leave that activity to Product Managers. And really… requirements should not be tomes.

3. Don’t forget to prepare your use cases before embarking on the requirements definition process.

4. Product Managers are LEADERS and should behave like LEADERS. AVOID take notes in meetings. Delegate this activity to someone else! You can’t lead the conversation if you’re buried in notetaking.

5. Agile wins! This comment generated a lot of conversation from the participants. There may be an agile development process but is there an agile product management process? Is there a way to fast track the requirements gathering and definition process? Can we embark on the agile devleopment path without understanding our buyers’ and users’ needs? I suspect not. Richard Kidd from Lexis Nexis saw agile as a way to deliver rapid validation of requirements.

View Alan’s full presentation.

Join us for our next Product Talks event on the 6th of August 2009. We’re talking “Product Management in an Agile World”. Should be a hotly debated topic amongst participants given the discussion during Product Talks #2.

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