Product Talk #10 “Turning Ideas into Business Cases”

Do you have lots of lightbulb moments to shake up your company or industry but none of your ideas see the light of day? Do you find your business cases never get approved?

Effective business cases capture all relevant facts and link them together into a cohesive story about great product ideas that a business should realise. This story tells your stakeholders about the what, why, how, when, where, and how much.

In our lunchtime Product Talk, we will be looking at how to generate great product ideas, validate whether there is a feasible business opportunity and turn it into a business case that is more likely to get approved in your organisation. We will also discuss how you can sound convincing when you present your business case.

Brainmates’ co-director & lead trainer, Nick Coster will be leading this discussion. The panelists for this Product Talk are:

Come armed with stories of your past good & bad experiences to share with other product managers, as well as your examples of your business cases & the Brainmates team will show you theirs.

Your Questions:

If you have a question about generating product ideas, validating business opportunities or building a business case, please add it in the comments below or tweet it to @brainmates with the tag #bmtalk. We will add it to our panel discussion questions on the day.

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