Moonlighting in Product Management

Molar root canal, Extraction, Apicectomy, Bleeching, Ouch that hurts. Hang on a sec, that’s dental speak!

Hi there, I am a dentist based in Sydney and I am currently spending some time working with the Brainmates Product Management team.

So what is a dentist doing at a Product Management company like Brainmates? And what relevance does Product Management have to do with dentistry? Actually what the heck is Product Management? And what am I really doing here? Am I attempting to be the jack of all trades or just trying to be as cool as Bruce Willis in the 80s when he had hair and Sybille Shepherd didn’t need to have the soft lens on the cameras.

Initially I really didn’t get this space that I am in …workshops, MRD, PRD, roadmaps, wireframes, problem space, solution space, business cases, competitive analysis, but it is all slowly coming together.

The greatest part of learning about Product Management is that I am now seeing everything through a whole new perspective… through the filtered lens of Product Management. I used to throw away those marketing leaflets that fall out in masses like dying bogone moths in the Sunday newspapers.

Now I take note and marvel at the amount of time that would have taken to put together a direct marketing piece and how a whole collaborative process had to occur to make this happen from identifying the market needs, building a business case, producing a market requirements document and then a product requirements document before finally going to market with a Marcomms plan. I hear that its never as smooth as that but hey there it is.

Enough from me today, back to teeth tomorrow.

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