Launch of Global Product Management Talk on Twitter

For Product Managers that don’t get a chance to leave their desk and participate in Product Talks in person, we’ve brought Product Talks to you via Twitter.

Cindy Solomon and Brainmates will be co-hosting a weekly twitter chat on all things Product Management related. Each week we will find a Product Management evangelist to lead us in a particular topic. The Product Management expert will tweet answers to pre-posted questions during the hour, while everyone chimes in on the tweet stream.

Who Should Join In?

  • Professional Product Managers
  • Those responsible for managing products from inception through launch
  • People with the title and/or in the department of “Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Product Management”
  • People who develop products, are responsible for products, are concerned with the success of products
  • Companies that produce products!
  • CEOs, founders, developers, investors, project managers, designers, etc.
  • Anyone interested in Product Management issues

Why Join In?

  • Because Product Management is a challenging, exciting profession with a rich foundation of methodologies that encompasses every industry requiring constant diligence and education to hone skills, master the art, learn the science, stay up with the trends, the market, the ecosystem, as well as the political skills necessary to succeed or fail, and keep going.
  • Because Product Managers are in every company and every place in the world, whether they hold the title and authority, or not.
  • Because the best Product Managers know how to find mentors and allies to accomplish their vision, fulfill their road map, and launch successful products in and out of their organizations.
  • Because social media enables the creation and identification of a vibrant community of Product Management professionals.
  • Because Product Management is sexy and vast, and twitter talks will connect PMs with each other, with knowledge, with potential to share expertise and opportunities by giving PM stars a platform to raise awareness, share best practices, mentor newbies


We will be kicking off on the 7th of February 2011. Mondays 3 – 4.00 PM PST, Tuesdays 10 – 11.00 AM EDT

And then every week thereafter.

So What Do You Need To Do?

See you all on Twitter.

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