Growing the Product Team at ActivePipe

Adrienne Tan

ActivePipe is an email marketing automation platform in the real estate space looking to grow its Product culture and practice.

The company started in Australia and has grown significantly over the last few years. They operate in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. With a clear growth strategy for the US market, Senior Product Manager, Nathan Mackinnon, and his leadership team have recognised the necessity for a well-established Product team to achieve its business goals.

After implementing a proper Product function in the company, they are now looking for a skilled Product Manager to join their mighty team and help them to continue to build a thriving Product culture and practice.

We sat down with Nathan to learn more about his role at Active Pipe and why building a great Product team and culture is important to the company’s success.

Can you tell me about your role at ActivePipe?

I’m the Senior Product Manager at Active Pipe. I’ve been at Active Pipe for over six years.  I transitioned into Product Management at Active Pipe three years ago. Two years ago, we brought on a senior consultant, John Milburn, who actually worked for Pragmatic Institute. For the past two years, he helped us create a Product function by designing the Product culture and implementing the best Product practices across teams.

As of today, my role focuses on defining the Product strategy and objectives in collaboration with the CEO and working with the Engineering team leads and the VP of Engineering to create a Delivery Roadmap that achieves the strategic vision.

Can you describe ActivePipe’s Product practice?

As I mentioned before, John Milburn has really helped us instill best practices in our organisation so we have a good framework in place to grow. I am still the only Product Manager in the team at this stage but we are ready to invest in our Product team over the next three years and grow the Product practice at ActivePipe.

At the moment, the entire team contributes to our Product practice because we are small. As a team, we define the initiatives that we think are going to have the biggest impact on our desired business outcomes and then we go through the Product Lifecycle from Discovery through to Go-To-Market. Each phase has different stakeholders and different teams contributing.

And why is Product Management important to senior leaders at ActivePipe?

What’s really great about Active Pipe is that Senior Leaders fully support the need for a Product Management function. It actually came from the CEO. He was the one who really identified that there’s a gap in the business and he pushed for us to create a Product function. He brought on John Milburn and so it really was driven from the top down.

I think what’s really great about the company is that there is a real belief in creating a great Product culture. The CEO has recognised and seen the benefit of having a strong Product culture and he’s really passionate about building one.

Finally, what is your Product team like to work with?

I’m currently the only Product Manager but we have more people within the broader team and we have a very collaborative environment. It’s really important to me that there’s strong collaboration with everyone involved, from Engineering, to the Designers and the Product Managers should be collaborating regularly.

I would say that this is the most important thing about our culture and what I’m most passionate about is that culture of collaboration. And I think everyone in our team would agree that that’s the strength at Active Pipe. We have a group of really passionate people. Everyone’s really passionate about what they do and everyone loves working together to build great Products.



If you want to be a part of a passionate and collaborative working environment where you can be an integral part of growing Active Pipe’s Product practice, apply now.

Adrienne Tan

Adrienne Tan | Author

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