Introducing Master Class Workshops

We are very excited to announce our first Master Class workshop.

The focus of our first workshop is “Writing Product Requirements” where we closely examine the way that Product Managers convert a high level idea for a product into detailed product requirements.

Last week we ran a trial of the Master Class and found that everyone attending had different ways of approaching the requirements writing task which resulted in very different initial outputs.

Having good requirements is critical in the design and development of new features and products. Done well, this ensures products are compelling, competitive and profitable. Despite the importance, the activity of writing product requirements can sometimes challenge the Product Manager.

What is a Product Management Master Class?

The Master Class brings together an intimate group of participants (max 6) to learn and share how each addresses certain Product Management challenges. The Brainmates team adds our specialised expertise in Product Management to this group collaboration to deliver best practice methodologies and processes.

We will run the Master Class at the Brainmates office in Sydney as it a fun, informal, yet professional working environment. It is also a great way for participants to work closely with other Product Managers from different organisations. It was good to see the professional interaction between the participants from Fairfax Digital and News Digital Media during the trial class last week (25th August 2010).

Why run a Master Class?

The topics that we plan to cover in the Master Class intends to be narrow in scope but explored deeply. By contrast the Strategic Product Management course covers a wide range of topics about Product Management and an overall methodology and approach that participants can apply to their day to day job.

During the course of our consulting work, we find areas of Product Management that generate the most difficulties for organisations. To help overcome these problems, we believe that the structure of the Master Class enables participants to find solutions to some of their challenges. We intend to produce more targeted Master Classes in the future.

Writing Product Requirements

This Master Class addresses the following questions in a fun and collaborative environment.

  • How do I start writing a Product Requirements Document?
  • What is the process that you use to communicate the product’s capabilities and limits to allow the product to be delivered?
  • Do you have a consistent method of preparing a Product Requirements Document?
  • Do people read and use it effectively?
  • What are the differences between Agile Requirements and Traditional waterfall requirements documents?


If you like the Master Class concept, then share your thoughts in the comments below. What other topics would you like us to cover?

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