Importance of Website Design for Product Management

A colleague of mine, Dean Wood from Clear Choice Usability, spent much of 2007 travelling around Europe, the US and Asia. During that time, he undertook research on a range of International luxury products and their associated websites. He conducted in depth, one-on-one interviews with users who had a propensity to purchase luxury products. I’ve attached his research (1.1 MB) for your review.

Even though the research targeted a specific product type (luxury products) and a specific type of user, I believe we can extrapolate and apply his findings within the Product Management domain.

  1. Product Managers are key stakeholders in the development of the website that promotes and supports their product.
    The tasks that a customer can complete online and the product information available online contributes to the overall customer experience. Product Managers are the custodian of the overall, end-to-end customer experience and the architecture of the website should not simply be left to user experience designers and information architects.
  2. When architecting any product website, ensure that there is sufficient and useful product information available.
    Product information should be easily accessible to help customers make an informed purchasing decision. A good website will increase sales and reduce the cost per sale as customers know exactly what they want when they call or visit your retail store. This may sound simple, but from Dean’s research many companies fail to deliver.

Read Dean’s research paper and tell us what you think.

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