Download the Australian product management 2010 salary & employment report

The Australian product management 2010 salary and employment survey report is now available. You may download the report free of charge by clicking on the link below.

About the survey

Each year, Brainmates conducts a survey to better understand the salary and employment conditions of product management professionals in Australia. We reach out through our network to tap into the broader product management community to learn more about what they do, where they work, how they’re incentivised and what their challenges are.

Results are made freely available to provide a useful resource to both individuals and employers who are seeking to improve the overall effectivness of product management within their organisation.

Key findings

  • Product managers have broad responsibilities ranging from design and development and in-life management but also communications, sales support, operations and strategy
  • Product managers are common in many industries and companies of different sizes. We had a large volume of respondents working in digital/media, telecommunications, IT and finance
  • Most product management professionals work within a dedicated product management department, rather than being part of another department like marketing or operations
  • Respondents reported working less hours per week. The 2009 average was 46 – 50 hours, but the 2010 average was 41 – 45 hours
  • Salary levels comparable to 2009, reflecting a period of slow wage growth
  • A gender inequality gap is visible between salaries for male and female product management professionals
  • Most product management professionals are satisfied with their job, but many would like more money and more organisational support and
  • A commonly cited concern was a sense that senior management in many organisations did not properly recognise or understand the role of product management

The ‘average’ Australian product manager

We found great diversity in the survey but have been able to pull together the ‘average’ Australian product manager. This is:

  • Male
  • Aged 31 – 35
  • Job title “Product Manager”
  • Holds a Bachelors degree
  • Has been working professionally for 6 – 10 years
  • Works full time for 41 – 45 hours per week
  • Has no direct reports
  • Earns between $81,000 to $100,000 per annum (excluding superannuation)
  • Is eligible to receive a bonus of up to 10%

Download the survey report

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