Book Review – “Tribes” by Seth Godin

At Brainmates, we are always questioning the status quo in our own day-to-day jobs, as well as the way our clients do things. Often it is much easier to keep doing things the way things that have always been done either by ourselves, predecessors or colleagues in similar roles.

When it comes to product management, the status quo may be great for a time with a very successful product. How much longer is “status quo” acceptable for, before our competitors replicate our winning formula? That’s not to say that constant flux and change in priorities in an organisation is an ideal way to work either.

Seth Godin’s “Tribes” is a thought-provoking book that that begs the reader to be a new type of leader. With the barriers of geography, cost and time eliminated through the Internet, it is now possible for anyone who is passionate about anything to be a leader of their own tribe.

Being a design aficionado, particularly when it comes to objects, furniture & interiors, as well as being a Product Manager, the book has inspired me to marry two very separate parts of who I am and lead my own tribe of people in the design field who are keen to explore ways to apply Product Management methodology to their design process. I have often thought that there must be many others out there who think about how more talented designers and design companies could benefit from applying PManagement that is typically used in much larger organisations. The first way for me to reach my tribe will be to start a dialogue through brainrants.

I found this book to be a light and enjoyable read that is motivational and thought-provoking at the same time. It intentionally doesn’t give any concrete steps or guides to the reader on how to be a leader, so it may frustrate some readers. It gives the reader a sense of empowerment knowing that you can find your own tribe, no matter how obscure your job or interests may be.

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