A CMS System That Will Keep You Smiling

Keeping your website dynamic is one of those marketing must-dos to keep your corporate portal sticky. Unfortunately, improving visitor stickiness can also be a sticky task – or should I say an icky task!

Peer Bremer speaks to us about his wonderful product smileCMS: a content management system that makes website administration a piece of cake.

Janey: Peer, can you tell us about how you came to be involved in content management systems?

Peer: I come from the communications industry having worked in and for Advertising Agencies on campaigns, print, packaging and corporate identity. I then started to get more and more involved with web design and application development to a point were I am now almost more of a programmer than a designer.

Janey: So, this led to the development of smileCMS, but were there other inspirations that prompted to you create your product?

Peer: Many of my clients are small to medium businesses that need to change the content of their web site regularly but don’t have the budget to retain a full-time webmaster. They were constantly requesting only small text changes but the whole process became inefficient and costly for them.

This motivated me to investigate several CMS solutions but most systems I looked at were very complex and not easy to learn or use. The users still had to know how to edit source files, tweak programming, and once they have everything up and running the resulting websites were not easy to navigate and were not visually appealing. Most systems also come with a price tag of several thousand dollars; even the ones that come with no license fees require the average customer to hire an external consultant. As a response to my clients concerns, I developed smileCMS as a more affordable alternative that would also provide functions to create better designed websites and offer a great user experience.

Janey: Can you tell me more about smileCMS and your favourite features?

Peer: SmileCMS is a content management system that allows the user to edit website content right on the web page. All you need to do is just browse to a page, click on the text and start typing. There is no need to know or learn any programming languages, not even html. The system is fully e-commerce enabled with an integrated interactive shopping bag. Managing and adding products for sale onto a website has never been easier.

My favourite feature is the ability to edit right on the web page. Most other system use pop up windows and dialogue boxes to manage or edit page content. But my favourites don’t stop there; the rest of the system is as easy as the text editing. You can upload images, resize and crop them within the system before dragging and dropping them onto the web page. You can also sort menu items by simply dragging them to a new position; create links by dragging and dropping selected text; and create or remove pages with one click.

Janey: smileCMS sounds like a dream-come-true for people who aren’t technical or website savvy. What is the main benefit companies will receive from using your product?

Peer: A big advantage is the minimum time required to learn the system. Everybody, even people that have no experience with web editing can learn and use the system right away.

Peer, thanks for sharing smileCMS with us – a product innovation created to solve specific market problems. It’s a story of product development at its best.

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