5 Minutes With Andrew Baietta (Westnet)

Andrew Baietta, Product Manager Telephony at Westnet

Andrew is the Product Manager for Telephony at Westnet, a Telecommunications company based in West Australia that provides Internet, Hosting, Domain and Telephony Products. Westnet has sailed through the highs and lows of Internet Service providers and now provides services to around 200,000 customers throughout Australia.

I noticed that Westnet has been voted Number 1 for Customer Service in the AC Nielson surveys from 2003 to 2006, is there anything that Westnet does differently?

We have a strong Customer Service culture and the recruitment and training process reflects this.

Describe Product Management

In my role it’s a combination of many things which includes operational aspects, not just marketing. Ensuring we have the right systems and processes to support and sell the product all sits within my roll. A lot of Product Managers concentrate on marketing the product and making it profitable. We have a marketing department to cover much of the marketing side of things. A big part for me is in processes behind the product and how we can go about doing things better. I also interact with suppliers and work with product design and pricing.

What are Product Managers responsible for at Westnet?

It varies. Some are more marketing focused, others are more involved with just the launch phase of a product. I am responsible for ensuring that our systems support the product and that the customers are looked after as well as Product profitability and ensuring that Customer numbers are being met. I do what a ‘normal’ Product Manager does but I also do some of the more operational aspects of Product Management.

What issues do you face?

Our systems to support our products are all built in house so there’s a constant effort in ensuring that they grow with the product. They need developing and making sure that the reporting from these systems is correct. These two things are ongoing and ever changing which is indicative of the market we work in – we continue to make system changes to support and sell new products. Managing changes is also a big thing, for example changing our wholesale suppliers can be challenging and involves a great deal of planning.

Andrew thank you for taking the time to share information about Westnet.

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