5 Minutes with Alvina Chu, Product Manager (Tommee Tippee)

We are thrilled to have Alvina Chu give us her perspective on Product
Management at Tommee Tippee, a company that offers award-winning baby products worldwide.

Describe Product Management

In summary, Product Management is the organizational structure within
a business that manages the development, marketing and sale of a
product or set of products throughout the product life cycle. It
encompasses the broad set of activities required to get the product to
market and to support it thereafter including branding, research,
communications, advertising, promotions, and packaging.

What is your role as a Product Manager at Tommee Tippee?

I manage the bottles, teats, teethers, and health and safety category,
across two brands – Tommee Tippee and Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature. bottles
My role includes the management of new product development, bringing a
product to launch, improving existing product, changing/improving
packaging and artwork, scheduling media including print and web, and
running promotions to name a few.

My team also consists of two other product managers, an in-house
graphics designer, and I report to the marketing manager. The sales
and operations department is vital in achieving product management
objectives, as is the Finance department who assists with budgeting
and invoicing.

What challenges do you face as a Product Manager?

Managing global brand guidelines with local requirements, as well as
gaining approval as this can be a long process. Being well organized
is a must in the role as you’re dealing with a lot of people who have
a range of similar but differing requests and demands.

What do you enjoy most about being a Product Manager at your company?

The diversity – there’s analysis, putting together presentations and
business cases (the structured numerical side of the role), developing
strategic marketing plans and structuring brand architectures is
always fun and brain stretching (the visionary side of the role). The
products are fun and interesting as is the target market – they are
highly involved with the product and like to share their thoughts and
opinions. Another aspect of the job I enjoy is dealing with the
diversity of the people – from other marketers, to sales, to brand,
packaging, and web agencies, as well as media representatives.

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