Exclusive Financial Fundamentals Course to run in November

Need to effectively communicate the financial story of your product? This course is for you.

Financial Fundamentals for Product Management

1-Day Public Course

  • Designed exclusively for product managers who want to strengthen their financial acumen
  • Learn to articulate the financial value of your product ideas and make compelling investment cases to key stakeholders
  • Develop the expertise to evaluate the financial health of your product and engage in meaningful conversations about its financial performance

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With thousands of participants across 19 years, Brainmates is the industry leader for professional product management and product leadership training across Australia and New Zealand.


We run practical workshops for all areas of product management, with expert facilitators who know how to engage and deliver.


Our contracting services provide you with instant hands-on support to accelerate your product priorities and initiatives.

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Course will run early November 2023!

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