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2012 Product Bash Sketch Notes

About a hundred product professionals and entrepreneurs hobnobbed at Brainmates’ annual end-of-year Product Bash at the Hotel CBD this year to hear the panel of three Australian entrepreneurs discuss, ‘Is There a Place for Entrepreneurship in Product Management?’

The panelists were:

  • Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder and ‘Chief Atlas’ at Atlassian
  • Simon Cariss, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President – Innovation at PageUp People
  • Nick Gonios, Founder, SMOOTH & Co

The talented Melbourne-based UX Designer Matt Magain captured some of the best quotes of the
night by drawing the sketch notes below.

What is Entrepreneurship?
What is Entrepreneurship?


What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from Product Management?
What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from Product Management?

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Nick Coster is the Head of Training Services and a co-founder of Brainmates. He is passionate about the benefits of building products and services that delight the buyer and the user. He has been developing and managing products for over 15 years, with range of different companies including Telstra BigPond, Excite@Home, Optus, Westpac, eBay, Cochlear, and Macquarie University. Nick is Brainmates' lead Product Management training facilitator. He enjoys training product managers from different industries and working with them to help them deliver market-driven product innovation. He brings life to the Product Delivery Cycle framework by sharing his personal experiences as a practitioner of Product Management.

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