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To create customer value, we must solve customer problems. Unfortunately, most people will describe their problems with their idea of a solution that may solve it. This 1-day course embraces the challenge of taking an initial problem statement, in whatever form it takes, and then provides structured approach to reframing the statement in a way that will make finding a solution much easier and effective.

This course expands on the “Problem before solution” thinking introduced in the Essentials of Product Management to provide a step by step approach to stating a problem, validating that the problem exists, prioritising the problem and then looking for and testing solutions.

While this course takes a Product Management view point, the process can be applied to internal or external business challenges as well.

Who Should Attend

Product and other business people who need to efficiently drill into the real root cause of a solution idea or stated problem to allow for fast faster resoloutions with lest waste. 

Brainmates Training Alignment

For product Management professionals who have attended the Brainmates Essentials of Product Management training course, this 1 day course will:

  • Drill deeper into defining and clarifying customer or businness problems (IDEATE Stage)
  • Validation of problems statements through customer or stakeholder experimentation (EXPLORE stage)
  • Enable fast and effective feedback from early prototypes and MVP’s in the DEFINE Stage

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • A step by step approach to reframing problems finding the right solutions
  • Methods to validate problems and solutions
  • to inspire confidence in teams regarding the selected solution
  • to follow a checklist for the entire process
  • to generate faster return on investment by solving the most important problems first

Business Benefits

Organisations will see the following immediate and ongoing benefits of investing in building their interpersonal and research skills:

  • Improved and shared understanding of the problems being discussed
  • Confidence that resources are being applied to the right problems
  • A reduction in the overall time take to deliver an effective initial solution. 


The price of this 1 day workshop is $995 (incl. GST) per participant and includes:

  • Course Material
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea

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