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Welcome to the Brainmates Boot Camp Melbourne

Melbourne is home to one of the largest Product Management communities in Australia – arguably the largest. Which is why Brainmates is pleased to announce the Brainmates Boot Camp Melbourne 2017.

The feedback has been loud and clear, Melbourne Product Managers want to develop their skills and capabilities. To solve the problem, Brainmates is building its presence in Melbourne by delivering an intensive week of specialised training.  

We want you to attend as many days of training as you can muster. So, as an incentive, we are offering coaching session rewards for multiple bookings. You will have access to one of the Brainmates team to help you plan your career development, solve a problem you’re faving in the workplace, or address another issue chosen by you. Check the Participation Rewards section below for more detail.

Here is what’s on offer:

Attending this training bonanza is super easy.  Sign up for a day, or two, or more.  For some of you this will be like all of your Christmases have come at once.  For others, this is the ideal chance to select the domains you want to master.  You decide.

Participation Rewards

If you sign up for multiple training days, you will receive complimentary coaching sessions:

  • Three days training = 2 x 1 hour coaching session

  • Four days training = 3 x 1 hour coaching sessions

  • Five days training = 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions

Once you’ve made the booking, the Brainmates team will be in touch to schedule your coaching sessions, in person or remote.

What You Get

  • Course Material

  • Morning Tea

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Tea

Course Overviews

Practical Agile for Product Managers Overview

More and more businesses are employing Agile development methods to get products and services to market faster and more efficiently. For Product Managers who have not been trained in Agile methods, working with Agile teams can seem confusing and the results of their output uncertain.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Accelerate time to market for their products.

  • Manage risk and adapt to emerging requirements at an entirely new level of effectiveness.

  • Amplify market learning through shorter feedback loops.

  • Structure one’s time across multiple iterations or Sprints.

  • Collaborate and communicate with stakeholders.

  • Plan, manage, and track an Agile release.

  • Prioritize features.

  • Create and maintain a product backlog.

  • Convey requirements as user stories with acceptance tests.

  • Organize for success including large projects and distributed teams.

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Essentials of Product Marketing Overview

Product Marketing is essential for creating competitive advantage, effectively matching products with buyers and forging great customer engagements. This course will help participants position their products and increase the awareness of the value of their products in the right markets.

Participants will be armed with a go-to-market framework that drives high performance in the market. Specific emphasis will be placed on forming compelling value propositions for well-defined markets, driving lead generation tactics in pursuit of goals and ensuring the organisation is enthused and empowered to deliver strategic objectives.

Participants will explore domains, such as:

  • Value creation and capture,

  • Defining target markets and customers,

  • Go-to-market plan formulation,

  • The pursuit of sustained competitive advantage,

  • Building brand

  • Enabling the organisation and

  • Collaboration, accountability and measurement

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Financial Fundamentals Overview

This interactive course is designed to arm Product professionals with the fundamental concepts of finance required to convince stakeholders to provide resource to build and market products, and predict accurately the financial performance of existing ones.

The course covers assessing the performance of a product; forecasting the performance of a product, requesting investment for new product development or marketing initiatives.

Participants will learn the following:

  • Concepts such as Revenue, Cost, OPEX versus CAPEX, Margin, NPV, EBITDA, Cash on Cash.

  • To determine how these concepts are applied in Product Management.

  • How to make decisions using financial tools.

  • How to confidently explain the product’s performance to Executives.

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Customer Interview and Insights for Product Managers Overview

Speaking directly to customers is one of the most important activities that Product Management professionals can perform. Effective insight from customers help us uncover their market needs that will drive the next generation of product innovation. Unfortunately, most people have had no experience in this skill and either avoid it or do it poorly. Developing the skills, using the best tools and developing the right experience for running customer interviews and workshops is vital for product success. Whether it is the development and testing of a Value Hypothesis, or presenting and testing an MVP experiment, or developing a detailed understanding of the customer needs to develop requirements or user stories Product Management professionals need to be able to plan and run an effective customer interview.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the best method for gathering information

  • Effectively plan for a workshop and interview – including organising participants and writing guides 

  • Effectively facilitate sessions to ensure desired outcomes are achieved 

  • Uncover meaningful insights through the analysis and synthesis of qualitative outputs 

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