Parity Consulting Product Training Seminar – September 2016

Parity Consulting are proud to present an exclusive series of Product Training workshops to offer Parity Consulting client product organisations a productive 2016

For the benefit of their clients, Parity Consulting has formed a partnership with Brainmates, global Product Management specialists based in Sydney to deliver 3 short product training workshops for product managers.

The session content is a sample from Brainmates? range of Product Management training courses and based on Brainmates? solid methodology and framework that covers the entire Product Management domain.

Session 1: Addressing the Challenges of Product Roadmapping

9AM – 11AM

Product roadmaps should be like the Product Manager?s compass when making decisions about what products, features or enhancements they should develop.

At this session, we will highlight some of the areas Product Leaders should be aware of when they are leading this critical activity of developing their Product Roadmap. We will share common challenges Product Managers face when it comes to creating an effective and usable roadmap, as well as the pitfalls around how Product Management articulate their Product Roadmaps to the rest of the organisation and how Product Roadmaps may be misused.

Session 2: The Fundamental Rules for Today?s Product Management

11:30AM – 1:30PM

The pace of change in the marketplace is accelerating and traditional product management approaches are no longer good enough to keep up. In this interactive session we will discuss the Fundamental Rules that underpin the best practices that are being driven by Lean and Agile Product development techniques. You will learn to rethink your approach to developing market centric products by understanding just 6 Simple Rules.

Session 3: Innovation in Today’s Product Climate

2PM – 4PM

Banking & Financial Services companies are increasingly establishing innovation practices that utilise a customer-centred approach to solve business and market problems.

In this session we will discuss how effective Product Management should be the heart of each company?s innovation practices. We examine the fundamental role of Product Management and show that the purpose of product management is essentially to execute on the principles of innovation.

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