Moving Into Product: Half Day Seminar – Sydney


Are you looking to start a Career in Product Management?

One of the questions that we hear at the Product Management Community Meetups is “How do I get my first job in Product Management?” We have heard the call and have prepared this seminar to help you.

Brainmates have worked collaboratively with other product management leaders to design this half-day seminar where you will get a chance to put a lot of the buzzwords and concepts into a clear Product Management context that will help prepare you for getting that first Product Management role.

Seminar Goal

The goals of the seminar are to help you:

  • Determine what type of role in Product Management is aligned with your current skills and interest.
  • Create an action plan for getting a suitable role in Product Management.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts and purpose of Product Management.
  • Improve your confidence applying for your first product role.

Seminar Topics

The seminar will cover topics including:

  • The different types of product jobs available in the Product Management domain
  • Introduction to the key building blocks that lead to successful products
  • The terms MVP, MMP, Product Market Fit & hypothesis mean within product
  • Tools that help Product Managers perform key Product Management activities
  • An understanding of how lean, agile & design thinking fits in Product Management
  • How others have gotten started in product & their pathway
  • An understanding where your skills align within the breadth of product
  • Actionable steps you can take now to move into a product role


What will I get?

This half-day seminar includes:

  • Printed seminar notes
  • Morning tea


If you have any questions about the seminar please contact Brainmates on 1800 272 466.

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