Business Case Master Class


From time to time experienced Product Managers require time in a structured class room environment to reflect and assess the way in which they carry out their day to day job.

Master Classes are refresher courses for Product Managers to revive their knowledge in a particular Product Management activity.  They have been designed for the Product Manager to review and fine tune current work practices.  Information delivered and shared in the class enhances the Product Manager’s existing knowledge base and builds on their present skill sets.

The Business Case Master Class is a refresher course to help Product Managers investigate and prepare effective business cases ensuring that they launch profitable products in the right markets.

Who Should Attend?

·         Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Product Planners, Group Product Managers

·         Marketing Managers

Master Class Description:

·         Delivered in a highly interactive mode, requiring attendees to participate and provide personal input.

·         6 to 16 participants.


Product Managers will learn:

·         The steps required to take an idea from conception to business approval.

·         To identify the market potential for new ideas and determine the business’ opportunity.

·         To determine inputs required for a good Business Case including business capability and the organisational risks associated with delivering the new product or service.

·         To review Business Cases to determine when to proceed with product delivery.

·         To present Business Cases to stakeholders in a succinct and informative way.

·         To recognise the structure of a good Business Case template.


·         Introduction

·         Getting Started

·         Purpose of the Business Case

·         Business Case framework

·         Inputs for Business Cases

·         Writing the Business Case

·         Evaluating the Business Case

·         Presentation to Stakeholders

·         Review Business Case Templates


1 day course from 9am to 5pm

Terms and Conditions Apply

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